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Our Favorite 2023 Looks From Our Students! December 27, 2023

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We couldn’t be prouder of the creativity and skill our students have showcased. From bold and vibrant hair colors to intricate makeup looks, our talented students have been pushing the boundaries of beauty. In this blog post, we’re excited to highlight some of our favorite looks that have emerged from our classrooms and salon floors. Join us as we celebrate the diverse and innovative styles crafted by our students.

Purple Hair

One of the standout looks of 2023 has undoubtedly been the use of bold and vibrant colors on natural hair. Our students have been experimenting with various shades, but one color that stole the spotlight is purple. Whether it’s a deep, royal purple or a lighter lavender hue, our students have expertly applied these shades to enhance the natural beauty of their clients’ hair. The result is a stunning, head-turning look that reflects the confidence and individuality of each person.

Cowboy Orange

One of the most exciting hair trends our students have been rocking in 2023 is the ‘Cowboy Orange’ look. This trend takes inspiration from the warm and rustic hues of the Wild West and infuses them into hair color with a vibrant twist. ‘Cowboy Orange’ is all about embracing the spirit of adventure and individuality, as it combines earthy, coppery tones with bold and fiery orange highlights. Our students have been demonstrating their creativity by expertly blending these shades to create hair that resembles the mesmerizing glow of a desert sunset. It’s a trend that captures the essence of the American frontier while allowing our students to showcase their artistic flair in the world of beauty and hairstyling.


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Shaggy Layers

When it comes to haircuts, the shaggy layers trend has made a strong comeback in 2023. This effortlessly chic and textured style adds movement and dimension to hair, creating a relaxed yet stylish appearance. Our students have been honing their cutting skills to deliver shaggy layers that suit the unique preferences of their clients. Whether it’s a short shag for a bold statement or a longer shag for a more bohemian vibe, this trend showcases the versatility and creativity of our budding stylists.


The classic technique of adding highlights to hair continues to be a timeless trend. Our students have been experimenting with a variety of highlight placements and techniques to enhance the natural beauty of their clients’ hair. From face-framing highlights to strategically placed balayage, our students are mastering the art of adding light and dimension to create personalized and eye-catching looks. The result is hair that looks sun-kissed and effortlessly radiant.

Shoulder Length Cut with Feathered Bangs

For those looking for a trendy yet versatile haircut, the shoulder-length cut with feathered bangs has been a popular choice. This style combines the elegance of a shoulder-length cut with the playful and textured appearance of feathered bangs. Our students have been refining their cutting and styling techniques to achieve this modern and flattering look. The feathered bangs add a touch of whimsy, while the shoulder-length cut provides a timeless and sophisticated silhouette.

Babylights to Blend the Grays

As the trend of embracing natural beauty gains momentum, babylights have become a go-to technique for blending grays seamlessly. Our students have been using babylights to add subtle and natural-looking highlights that soften the transition between colored and gray hair. This technique not only creates a low-maintenance and graceful look but also celebrates the beauty of silver and gray tones. Our students take pride in helping clients embrace their natural hair while still enjoying the benefits of expertly applied color.

Mens Haircuts

Men’s grooming has become increasingly sophisticated, and our students have been at the forefront of delivering modern and stylish haircuts for men. From fades and undercuts to textured and longer styles, our students have been mastering a wide range of men’s haircut techniques. The focus is on creating personalized looks that enhance each client’s unique features and style preferences. The precision and artistry involved in men’s haircuts showcase the skill and dedication of our students in keeping up with evolving trends.


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Fashion color 

Dive into a world of vibrant self-expression with our students’ stunning take on the ‘Fashion Color’ trend. From enchanting mermaid-inspired shades to a kaleidoscope of hues, our students are creating hair artistry like never before. These fashion-forward colors allow you to make a bold statement and let your personality shine through. Whether you’re dreaming of pastel pinks, electric blues, or rainbow variations, our talented students have you covered. 

Special Effects Makeup

For those who love to push the boundaries of creativity, special effects makeup has been a standout trend in 2023. Our students have been experimenting with fantasy-inspired looks, incorporating prosthetics, body paint, and intricate detailing to transform their clients into otherworldly beings. From ethereal fantasy creatures to bold and dramatic character makeup, our students have been demonstrating their artistic prowess and ability to bring fantastical visions to life.

Color Correction

Color correction remains an essential skill in the beauty industry, and our students have been tackling a variety of color challenges with confidence and expertise. From correcting uneven tones to transitioning from vivid colors to more natural hues, our students have been showcasing their ability to transform and revitalize hair. Color correction requires a deep understanding of color theory and a meticulous approach, and our students have been excelling in this area, helping clients achieve their desired hair color goals.


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As the beauty and fashion industry continues to evolve, we look forward to seeing our students push the boundaries of creativity and set new trends in the world of beauty. Whether it’s experimenting with bold colors, mastering intricate techniques, or staying ahead of the latest trends, our students are always ready to showcase their passion for the art of beauty. Cheers to a year of stunning looks and endless creativity at TSPA San Jose!

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