How Does Beauty School Compare to a College Experience?

If you are approaching your high school graduation or you’ve recently completed school, chances are that you’re wondering what you should do next. Many people decide to enroll in college to further their education for a specific career path. But there are other options to consider – including going to a beauty school for a cosmetology or esthetics program.

Now, you may be wondering if that’s the right decision for you for several reasons. If you’ve always dreamed of working in the beauty industry and you’ve got creative talent, it could be a great fit! But does that mean that you’ll lose out on the typical college experience?

Here’s what you need to know about going to beauty school and how to compare to attending a four-year college.

Cost Comparison

We all know that going to college is expensive. The average American college student takes on nearly $40,000 in debt through student loans! This can take years or even decades to pay off entirely, especially if you are not entering a high-paying field or position after graduation.

Now, many colleges do offer grants and scholarships that students can apply for to cut the costs down. Further, most colleges also offer financial aid to students who qualify based on aspects like their income, family income, military status, or even their grades.

The great news is that going to beauty school can be more affordable than most traditional colleges. Plus, there are financial aid* and beauty school scholarships available for both the cosmetology and esthetician programs at The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose!

Since our school is accredited by the NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences), students may also apply for federal student aid* through FAFSA. This can help to make the beauty program far more affordable and leave you with far less debt after graduating from the program!

Program Length

It typically takes about four years for full-time students to earn a bachelor’s degree in college. During this time, you might not be able to hold a full-time job since you will spend a lot of time in class and studying. And if you want to go into specific careers, you may need to attend grad school after that!

Beauty school programs have mandated hourly requirements from the state – and take far less time to complete than a traditional college education. For instance, cosmetologists must complete at least 1,000 hours of training before they can apply for their license in the state of California. Full-time students can complete this entire program in about one year.

Another great reason to consider going to beauty school is the flexibility in the timeline for your program. Students can enroll in either full-time or part-time programs, which include weekend and evening classes for students with busy schedules.

Keep in mind, it will take part-time students a bit longer to complete their programs. For instance, the esthetics program in the state of California is only 600 hours. Full-time students can complete their training in just four-and-a-half months and part-time students can get it done in under 10 months.

Campus Life

Perhaps one of the greatest draws for young people to attend a typical college is campus life. You are surrounded by people your age with similar interests, and most people make life-long friends during this time in their lives.

But just because you opt to go to a beauty school instead of college doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sacrifice this experience! First, you will be learning with other students of all ages and backgrounds. Many cosmetology and esthetics students grow quite close throughout their programs. Plus, you can learn in a creative environment with students who have a love for the beauty industry.

At The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose, we strive to make sure that our students can balance learning and fun. You can learn more about student life at our school by checking out our social media feeds!

Real-World Experience

It can be hard to gain much hands-on experience in college unless you have the opportunity to join an internship. This makes it quite hard to find a job after graduation unless you find an entry-role position.

One thing that makes beauty school unique is that you can gain real-life experience as you learn! The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose has a student salon where you can work with real clients under the supervision of licensed professionals.*

Both our cosmetology and esthetician students have the chance to work in a student salon as they complete school. This means that they can practice all of the techniques they learn in the classroom in real life.

This can give you an advantage and help you find the type of job that’s the best fit for you once you earn your license. Many estheticians and cosmetologists opt to work in salons or spas, so knowing what to expect beforehand can be quite beneficial.

Want to Learn More About Beauty School?

If you’re looking for a different path towards the career of your dreams than the typical college education, enrolling in a beauty school could be a perfect choice! You can learn more about our cosmetology and esthetician programs by contacting The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose!

You can connect with our team virtually or by giving us a call at 408-703-8757.

*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

*All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

How To Prevent and Repair Hair Damage This Winter

Here at The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose, we know how important it is to keep your hair healthy as temperatures drop. When you don’t have time to visit the salon for a deep condition or Brazilian blowout, there are several cold weather haircare guidelines you can follow at home. To make life a little bit easier we’ve put together a few of our favorite professional hair care tips for winter that will help you maintain a healthy shine.

Wash Less, Dry Shampoo More

One of the best ways to protect your hair from dryness and cold weather is to wash it less frequently. It might take some time to get used to this change in routine, but giving your scalp a break from shampoo can work wonders for your hair health.

Just make sure to invest in a good dry shampoo in between washes. Find one that absorbs oil, and won’t coat your hair in unnecessary residue. Too much buildup can stunt hair growth and be difficult to wash out, so don’t overdo it! You might need to venture away from the grocery store to find a dry shampoo that works for you, so feel free to stop by our student salon training area* for recommendations!

Turn Down The Heat

Another important tip for cold weather haircare is to avoid excessive heat. This includes hairdryers, styling tools, and even very hot water. At our beauty school in San Jose, CA, students learn that overheating leads to breakage, frizz, and dryness, which is why it’s so important to add a heat protectant to your routine. Your heat protectant of choice could be a simple leave-in conditioner or a combination spray with nourishing oils and vitamins.

To avoid overheating with your hairdryer, air dry your hair whenever possible, or let it dry overnight while you’re sleeping. It’s also a good idea to use a t-shirt or other gentle material on wet hair, rather than twisting it up into a regular cotton towel after washing.

Try Out a Scalp Treatment

Scalp health is especially important in the winter because colder temperatures can lead to increased dryness. A buildup of products, combined with harsh winter weather can lead to itchiness, as well as irritation and flakiness. Try out an exfoliating scalp scrub, or a moisturizing scalp mask, but don’t use scalp products more than once a week.

At our student salon training area, we offer scalp treatments that clean out layers of product and nourish your skin and follicles. (All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals).

Find A Shampoo and Conditioner That Works For Your Hair

Choosing a good shampoo for your hair is super important for cold weather haircare health. While “sulfates” has become a scary buzzword in the salon world, some professionals have found that shampoos with sulfates don’t actually show a significant difference in hair damage, when compared to shampoos without them. (Unless of course, you have a specific irritation to sulfates or parabens).

Rather than getting hung up on finding the perfect organic shampoo, we recommend paying attention to the ingredients—the fewer the better—and choosing products that repair damage and add moisture to your hair.

And don’t skip conditioning! Conditioners can help protect your hair from cold weather, as well as heat tools. Depending on your hair type, find a conditioner that is either moisturizing or volumizing.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

It might sound strange, but the food you eat can have a big impact on your hair health—especially during the winter. For strong, shiny locks, add lots of hair-healthy foods like fish, beans, yogurt, fruits, and vegetables to your diet. Foods rich in protein, zinc, and omega fatty acids stimulate growth and improve scalp health over time. Be sure to also avoid excess alcohol consumption and crash diets, as these can lead to hair loss.

You might also want to add a hair-strengthening supplement to your diet. Anything with vitamins A–E, biotin, or hyaluronic acid should be good for growth and overall hair health.

Don’t Forget To Trim Your Hair

Last but not least, it’s important to make sure your hair is trimmed at least every six months. Going too long between haircuts can result in split ends, dryness, and thinning. To encourage growth, schedule regular hair appointments and give your ends a refresh.

At The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose, our student salon training area is the perfect place to get rid of dead-ends—especially in preparation for winter!

Come Visit Us

Whatever your routine this winter, The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose is here to help you maintain beautiful healthy hair. If you want to help other people have beautiful, healthy hair, learn more about our cosmetology program here. We’d love to welcome you to the family!

*All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.