Over 10 Years of Excellence in Beauty School

We all know the power an amazing hairstylist can have, especially now.

A hairstylist, cosmetologist, or esthetician can help you love the way you look, whether it’s by creating a new hairstyle that frames your face perfectly or helping you keep your skin moisturized and smooth.

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA) San Jose, we’ve been helping future beauty professionals for over 10 years, and we wanted to look back at some reasons we’re excited to achieve #10yearsofexcellence.

We hope you’ll share your own story with us on Instagram, too! And, if you aren’t sure where you want to see yourself, here’s our recommendations on some goals for your 5 or 10 year goals.

The History of The Salon Professional Academy San Jose

Ms. V partnered with The Salon Professional Academy that is a Redken and Dermalogica Partner leading-edge franchise. Ms. V. was a professional working as a hairdresser and owner of several salons, but what she noticed is that potential hires just weren’t up to her standard.

They didn’t have the training they needed to be a successful stylist in her salons, so she often had to train those new hires herself. After decades of experience, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create a beauty school that helped students actually learn what they needed to be successful, with a huge focus on developing a curriculum that works, using salon-quality Redken products, and much more!

And, once she started this school, she didn’t take a step back.

Now, you can find Ms. V and her team of excellent educators and faculty actively supporting and helping students as the Creative Educational Director. She works with students, offers support on the clinic floor, and has a big hand in the current curriculum, because she knows how important it is to make sure students have more advanced training, so students can be prepared to keep up with the trends and create more and more complex looks.

And, we think we’ve made these past 10 years a big success! We love being able to provide our unique education and services that our students and community love, and we now have over 200 students all preparing to become licensed beauty professionals!

What Makes Our Beauty School Education Different?

With the guidance of Ms. V and her team of excellent educators and faculty, we created a school that has seen huge success over the last 10 years! A huge part has been our goal to create an environment that fosters learning and provides students with both the hard and soft skills they need to become a successful hair or beauty professional.

You simply won’t be able to get an education like what we offer elsewhere. As a student, you can:

Become a Big Part of the Community

Something unique about our school is that we are with you every step of the way. We don’t leave you on your own after admissions or even say goodbye after graduation. You can join our big network of students and alumni to help you feel confident in your skills and find your dream career!

We love keeping in touch with our alumni to see where their careers take them.

Alumni of The Salon Professional Academy San Jose

Gain the Business Skills You Need

We want our students to be prepared to be successful professionals, which is why we focus on business and marketing skills, which not every beauty school offers. Students at our school learn how to run a successful business and pay attention to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that they can use to run a successful salon or spa.

They can get a better idea of how many clients they need each month or even each year to achieve their goals, whether they choose to work in a salon or start their own business. We want our students to feel confident and prepared to handle the business side of beauty.

Focus on a Positive Attitude and Mindfulness

As part of the service industry, it can be daunting and difficult to keep up a positive attitude each and every day! That’s why we start many of our days with yoga, mindfulness exercises, and more to ground yourself with a positive attitude and passion for doing what you love and make even the harder days a little easier.

Receive an Adaptable Education

We focused on caring for our students during an unprecedented time. We were able to implement digital and hybrid learning as necessary to keep students safe, but when we were ready to open our doors, we couldn’t believe the support we received from our regulars!

You can feel confident in your beauty school education because we did not compromise the quality of our education, even as things changed around us.

See the Success of Our Students!

You don’t have to just take our word for it, you can see where previous students from The Salon Professional Academy are now! Even after a few years, we love keeping up to see what they’ve been up to. Here are a few students from The Salon Professional Academy who have taken their skills to the next level and even opened up their own hair and beauty businesses!

Katlyn Leal

Katlyn now owns two salons, named Evolve Salon at just the age of 27, with 7 years of experience in the industry. She’s since obtained certifications in certain color and hair extensions, her salon is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for stunning blonde hair, hair extensions, and bridal looks!

Previous The Salon Professional Academy student Katlyn Leal

We love seeing where her life has taken her (and some stunning looks on her salon’s Instagram account @evolvesaloncarmel).

Annette and Morgan Curtis

This mother/daughter team now are owner/stylist and stylist at Morgan James Salon. Annette as the owner specializes in hair extensions, blonde, and color.

IG post of AnnetteWhile Morgan works as a stylist who also offers a variety of services ranging from vibrant hair color and hair extensions to airbrush tanning!

Instagram post of Morgan

We love looking at their Instagram feed @morganjamessalon and all the amazing looks they and their other stylists create. Plus, they love giving great advice on how to best take care of your hair.


Louis Cabrera

Louis focuses solely on men’s cuts, and his philosophy is “Be ready to be empowered, and to look and feel your best! If you look great, feel great, you’ll do great!” You can go to his page @loustyles to get examples of the looks he creates. Schedule an appointment with him to see what his services are all about!

Instagram post of Louis Cabrera

BriAnna Castro

BriAnna Castro is the owner of Nine Two Five Salon, with three (soon to be four) locations! We love seeing their salon page @ninetwofivesalon full of stunning balayes and fun hair colors. BriAnna herself still styles hair, and she specializes in color and extensions. Definitely a must-visit if you’re in need of a new look!

Instagram post of Nine Two Five salon.

Become Part of Something Bigger!

If you have a passion for beauty, get your education from an amazing school in the Bay area! See for yourself what an education at The Salon Professional Academy can do for you! You can choose to learn hairstyling, skin, and nails as part of our cosmetology program or skincare in esthetics.

Schedule your tour to learn how to get started! We can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams and goals in the beauty industry.

How to Keep Your Hair Clients Coming Back After Graduating Cosmetology School

Once you finish cosmetology school and join the workforce, your first question is: where am I going to find my first clients? Most hairstylists rely on repeated customers for the majority of their work. While some salons allow for walk-ins, you will quickly find that having appointments from loyal clients is preferable.

When you have a group of loyal clients, you can set your schedule around those appointments for days, weeks, or even months in advance. This not only sets you up for a stable income, but it gives you more flexibility in your work schedule.

However, it can take time and it does require effort to build up a list. As a recent cosmetology school grad, you have to get to work right away to attract clients. But how do you ensure that they keep coming back for more services?

From the experienced team at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), San Jose, here are some tips!

1. Enroll in Cosmetology School that Offers Career Preparation

inside of a salon

Most of your training in cosmetology school is focused on core aspects of the job. Every state has a set number of hours that each course should cover, and larger courses focus on topics like hair styling, as well as skincare and nail services.

During cosmetology school, you should also have the opportunity to practice on guests before you graduate*. It is highly recommended to enroll in a program that has a student salon training area that guests can visit for services.

This real experience will help you tremendously once you graduate. First, it will stand out on your resume and help you land a job at other salons. Secondly, it gives you the chance to practice your new skills with real people so you are better prepared for your career.

Thankfully, some beauty school programs do cover key topics to prepare you for your career after you graduate, too. At TSPA San Jose you’ll get hands-on experience in our student salon training area* to practice hairstyling, skincare, and nail services on guests as you learn. We even offer workshops to help you create a resume and find employment after graduation.

2. Built Rapport with Guests During Salon Training

It is not just the quality of the work you provide that will keep clients coming back again and again. The overall experience they have with you includes the way you make them feel during their appointment.

In fact, according to a survey from Statista, the leading reason why people went to the same hairstylist was that they had a good relationship with their cosmetologist. This even outranked the price, the quality of the results, and the salon’s reputation!

survey from statista about friendships with hair stylists

Practice makes perfect, so another tip to help you beyond cosmetology school is to rehearse how you interact with clients. During your time in the student salon training area, do your best to build rapport with guests and get used to chatting while you work.

People want to enjoy themselves, feel relaxed, or even have someone to vent to while they receive these services. Cosmetologists and hairstylists that can build these kinds of connections will find it easier to build a list of loyal clients.

It can be difficult at first to concentrate on your service while also making small talk, engaging in conversation, or asking questions. But your chair-side manner will help you stand out from other cosmetologists and keep your clients coming back.

3. Create a Memorable Brand for Yourself

A key part of being a successful cosmetologist is to make a memorable impression to drive in new guests and keep previous ones engaged. This includes marketing yourself as a cosmetologist.

Thankfully, this is much easier to do in the age of social media. You can create a beauty portfolio on Instagram, Pinterest, and even TikTok to showcase all of your work. This is a great way to connect with new clients who are actively searching for specific hairstyling services in your area.

You should also be setting up marketing outreach campaigns to any leads as well as former customers. Sending out emails to remind customers to book and promoting your services is very important! Our cosmetology program at The Salon Professional Academy includes courses on business management, marketing skills, and salesmanship to help you learn how to do this.

Remember, it may take time to build up a list of repeating clients – so don’t be discouraged early on!

4. Offer Incentives to Clients

An easy way to gain new clients is to offer incentives to your existing clients! We recommend starting with referrals. Referral perks can be a great way for existing clients to recommend you to their friends. This could be a small discount or other offers that will incentivize your clients to tell their friends about you.

Pre-booking is also a great way to keep clients returning. This can involve putting them on the calendar at a specific date and time, sending them reminder emails and/or texts, or even offering a small incentive when they pre-book with you!

Lastly, a great perk of any salon career is selling products. Clients can access high-end products directly from you. They also benefit from product recommendations from a professional based on hair type and hair goals. Ask your client what their hair goals and concerns are, and build a product base from there.

Join The TSPA San Jose Family!

The best way to ensure that you have a successful career after graduating from cosmetology school is to practice and learn as much as you can during your training. You need to enroll in a cosmetology program that will teach you every necessary skill for being a cosmetologist – including building a list of loyal clients.

At TSPA San Jose, our goal is to set you up for success through our hands-on approach to training. You will have the chance to work with guests in our student salon training area and practice building relationships with clients. This will make it much easier to transition into working on your own after you graduate.

If you are interested in learning more about our cosmetology program, please contact us today. You can get more information about financial aid*, the enrollment process, or setting up a tour to check out our San Jose, CA campus!

*All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

*Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.