What to Know During Your Appointment In Our Student Salon Training Area

If you have ever looked up “hairstylist near me” on Google, you may have noticed that some of the top search results are local beauty schools. This is because many beauty schools offer hair styling services in their student salon training area.*

These student salon training areas are staffed with students who receive guidance as they provide haircuts, coloring, treatments, and more to clients. The services in these salons are also priced far lower than what you’d see at a typical salon – so here’s what to expect during your appointment!

All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

You Will Receive Services from Cosmetology Students

A student salon training area is where students can gain real experience before they graduate and enter the job market. However, since you will still be receiving services from someone who is still in the process of learning, you might find that they take more time than experienced salon professionals.

However, slower service does not mean their work will be substandard. On the contrary, all the students working in the salon will have already learned and practiced hair styling services in the classroom.

As a result, student stylists will provide you with the same level of care and detail as someone who has years of experience under their belt. You’ll just need to be a little more patient and understanding with the speed at which they perform their services.

Finally, if you treat student stylists like regular professionals, you’ll be helping to develop their professional skills. It’s very important for beauty school students to learn how to engage with clients and build connections as they work. So, by continuing a friendly conversation during your appointment, you can help them build their confidence and prepare them for their future client interactions.

Instructors Will be Around to Help

It’s important to note that your student stylist will not be working alone. Licensed instructors with plenty of experience in the beauty industry will be around to supervise and guide the student through their work.

So, if it is the student’s first time doing a specific technique, the instructor will step in and lend a hand to ensure the student carries it out properly. This way, the client will always receive the highest quality of service no matter the student’s experience level.

The instructors also heavily monitor everything the students do to ensure they follow all safety and sanitation protocols. For example, the instructor will ensure that all the students wash their hands before touching hair and that they use clean combs and tools on each client. In t a student salon training area, you will have peace of mind knowing that your safety is a top priority.

Communication is Important!

Make sure that you clearly explain what you want to the student stylist, so they know exactly what type of cut, color, and service you are looking to receive.
Bringing in photos can be quite useful to help them visualize the style you are looking to achieve. Additionally, it can help you avoid miscommunication if the student stylist has a different idea about what you want.

Finally, be sure to communicate during the haircut as well. For example, if you’d like your hair to be cut a bit shorter, let them know as they work. Remember, the student will probably be pretty nervous and want to do a good job. Giving them feedback will help!

It Might Take a Little Longer

Our students are awesome but remember, they’re not professional stylists yet! They’re learning and practicing on the job with the help of an instructor. Depending on what service you want, it may take two or three appointments to achieve the desired results. We also follow strict sanitation protocols to keep our guests, students, and instructors safe. So as we’re making sure things are squeaky clean, hygienic, and ready to go, you might need to wait a little longer for your appointment to begin.

You Can Get More than Just a Haircut

Going to a student salon training area is a great way to save money on hair services such as coloring, highlights, treatments, and styling. In California, the average cost of a woman’s haircut can be upwards of $80, while additional services, such as coloring, can double the cost of service.

However, student salon training areas offer their services for just a fraction of that cost without sacrificing quality. Many student salon training areas also offer hair services for both men and children. So, your whole family can enjoy discounted services!

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Going to a student salon training area is an amazing way to support the beauty school while receiving high-quality services at a discount. Typically, your entire service cost will go directly back toward funding the beauty program and improving the quality of training it provides. So, not only will your experience be beneficial to the student, but it will also help countless other students in the future.

If you’re looking for great, affordable salon services near you, be sure to check out The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose.

From day one, we guide students through an extensive curriculum on beauty industry standards and techniques. Then, with our dedicated instructors by their side, our students offer the same level of excellence and professionalism at our student salon training area as they would in an actual salon.

Learn more about our student salon training area services and beauty programs today!

All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

7 Fall Hairstyles Trending this Year

Fall is a big season for fashion since this is when new trends for the year emerge. Many designers debut their latest designs for the fall season during Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris, and Milan which are some of the biggest events in the industry. Fall hairstyles go hand-in-hand with these trends – and we usually see a big shift in styles around this time.

The fall season of 2021 is certainly no exception. Here are seven trendy hairstyles to keep an eye on this fall! 

Natural-Looking Curls

The natural or natural-looking hair had a huge moment during the summer season. You can expect that to stick around into the fall. Rather than creating perfectly coiled ringlets for curly do’s, a more natural-looking curl or wave is all the rage. 

This means that hairstylists are relying less on heat tools like curling irons and hairdryers and instead of using products and treatments to create the look. Texturizing products, mousse, and gel can help to emphasize the natural waves in the hair. 

Hairstylists can also use texture perms to give clients with straight locks some natural-looking curls. This is a key concept that cosmetologists have to perfect while they’re in beauty school – but this “modern” perm is designed to add softer, subtle waves rather than tight curls. 


70’s Inspiration

What goes around comes back around! The 70s are coming back in more than just fashion. So, some of the hairstyles your mom and grandma rocked in the 70s are in once again!

You can expect to see lots of voluminous blowouts to accentuate feathered layers, especially around the face. Hairstylists can create this look by cutting lots of soft, face-framing layers and using a large round brush to fluff the hair outwards. 

Long, Thick Locks

While long, healthy hair never goes out of style, extreme lengths are a major trend for the fall. But this requires a lot of care and maintenance to ensure that your tresses are smooth and healthy.

To achieve the extreme length look, hairstylists may need to apply strengthening treatments to prevent breakage. Depending on the client’s hair type, this might require:

  • Keratin treatments
  • Hot oil treatments
  • Deep conditioning
  • Scalp treatments

Another option to create this look quickly is to use hair extensions. These can be semi-permanent or clip-ins, depending on the client’s preference. 

Chunky Highlights

You may have noticed that lots of Y2K and early 2000s styles are making a comeback in the fashion world, too. But it’s more than just clothing that’s affected by this trend: it’s also influencing hair.

One huge trend making a comeback is chunky, bright highlights. This is in direct opposition to the more natural balayage look that has dominated the past few years. This style creates a stark contrast between the more natural tone of the hair and the highlighted sections, with much of the color framing the face. 

Many stylists are creating a more modern look to this style with money piece highlighting, which involves highlighting two front sections up the root. 

French Bobs

Parisian style is major in fashion and hair at the moment. (But really– did it ever go out of fashion?)This chic style extends to hair styling, too. A modern French bob is a chin-length cut that usually has minimal layering. It may also include fringe/bangs, either curtain style or straight across. 

The key to nailing this effortless style is to let the hair dry in a natural texture. This means letting the hair air dry or using very low heat and a diffuser. This gives hair a tousled look that makes it look like you just rolled out of bed – but in a chic French-girl way! 

Modern Shags 

The shag is arguably one of the most controversial haircuts and it takes a certain style to pull it off. This cut was all the rave in the 80s but it’s getting a modern update for the 2020s which makes it much easier to style. The modern shag gives your hair a natural, lived-in look with lots of layers for movement.

The shag hairstyle involves lots of choppy layers throughout, primarily focusing on crown-length layers. This gives the hair a lot of texture, especially when it is curled or teased. Modern shags can be all lengths, too. Shorter styles will appear a bit more choppy and edgy, while longer shags are a bit more subtle.

All Kinds of Bangs

Curtain bangs are still a huge trend, but more traditional fringes are also hot for autumn 2021. The great thing about bangs is that they can work for virtually every face shape and hair type. But different cuts and types will fit better on certain people.

Hairstylists should be aware of the types of bangs that will look best depending on the client’s hair type, face shape, and desired look. For example, shorter, thick bangs work best with straight hair, while curtain bangs or long wispy ones are better for curly hair. 

Which Style Will You Try?

The great news is that no matter which of the fall hairstyles you choose, you’ll always be in style if you’ve got a great hairstylist. If you have a passion for beauty and stay up to date with the latest trends, why not become a hairstylist yourself?

At The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose, our program can help you on your journey to becoming a licensed cosmetologist. At our school, you can learn all of the classic techniques as well as the latest trends so you can make your future clients look and feel their best. 

Learn more about the cosmetology program at The Salon Professional Academy today by contacting our team!


*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.