New Year, New You

The new year is right around the corner. Soon, Fall will turn into Winter, and you will start making your resolutions for 2017. Some common resolutions or goals are things like: going to the gym, eating healthy, doing volunteer work, or finishing a project around the house. While all of these resolutions are made with great intentions, not many of them remain intact throughout the year. It’s easy to give up on a goal when there is nothing really holding you to it.

This year, it’s time to do something for yourself. You have the opportunity to be kind to the you in 2017.

A Salon Professional Academy Education

Enrolling in a program at TSPA San Jose can help you stick to your New Year’s goal of getting an amazing, lifelong career. We offer programs in cosmetology and esthetics, so each person can have an opportunity to learn what they’re interested in.

An Education Buddy

Like a gym buddy, an education buddy is someone to push you to do better at school and will help you continue to going to school and doing well. That’s why at TSPA San Jose, our staff is dedicated to helping you learn and grow as a beauty professional. We also believe that the students we enroll are a good positive resource for each other. Our students are constantly pushing each other and making TSPA San Jose a great place to be.

A Schedule

Like an education buddy, having a schedule to stick to is important. When someone like a teacher or friend is counting on you to show up, it makes it hard to bail out. Our schedules are flexible to work with work schedules, but our attendance policy pushes students to make their education a priority.

The start dates for next year begin:

An Investment

Invest in yourself without breaking the bank. We have financial aid available to students who qualify. A resolution that you want to keep this year will be maintaining financial stability. Scholarships and Federal Student Aid can help you continue toward that goal. With an education from TSPA, you can have the foundation of skills you need to attain a professional career.

With all of the pressure to create a New Year’s resolution, it can be stressful to take the leap into a new school. We are here to relieve that pressure and stress. Contact us so we can help you do what it takes to become a TSPA San Jose student.