Fall Hair Trends


Hair color:

Most seasons hair trends rely on techniques like somber, balayage, and babylights. This fall is all about the tone. Finding a modern well blended tone that is. Most popular right now are golden and strawberry blonde tones. Also being perfectly rooted or having sun kissed highlights that look like the result of summer spent in the beach. Fall means warm chestnut and rich Carmel just at the ends of a grown out ombre. Easiest part about fall is most people went blonde over summer so these warmer tones are easy to do without making a huge change.



Hair cut:
Once you’ve decided on a color no its time to decide on a cut. Long hair is always in but short hair seems to be along more popular these days. Bobs, lobs and all mid length hair cuts are still hot. It’s also bang season. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of the chop mermaid locks are still always on trend.


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Hair style:

The time for sleek pony tails and neat hair styles is no more. Knot buns are all the rage right now and there’s one for every personality. From intricate twists to messy loops you can do a loose knot bun or a tight one. You can even just scrunch that hair all into mess on top of your head. Also in are waves and you doing have to be an expert to achieve them. They are the result you get from sleeping in buns or braiding your hair and unwinding it just before you get to work. Parting hair in the center these days gives it a softer more cooler look which is also easier and everything you’re going for.


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