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How Long Does an Esthetician Program Take? January 12, 2024

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Ever dreamed of turning your passion for skincare into a thriving career? Esthetics might just be your calling! In a world where self-care is gaining increasing importance, the role of estheticians has become more pivotal than ever. These skincare professionals possess the knowledge and skills to help individuals achieve glowing, healthy skin. If you’re considering a future as an esthetician, you might be wondering just how long it takes to complete the necessary training. 

The first step to becoming a licensed esthetician is that you must complete the program from an accredited beauty school. The length of an esthetician program, as well as the specific steps towards obtaining your license, can depend on where you live.

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or someone looking to make a career change, this guide can help you navigate the path to radiant skin and a fulfilling future in esthetics. At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) San Jose, students have the choice to choose a 600-hour esthetics program or an upcoming 900-hour esthetics program. Let’s dive into what the esthetician program at TSPA San Jose has to offer!

The Basics of Esthetician Training

An esthetician is the magician behind those flawless facials, relaxing massages, and skincare routines that leave people feeling pampered and rejuvenated. A program typically covers a range of topics, including skincare techniques, product knowledge, client consultation, and business management skills.

Factors That Influence Program Length

The length of an esthetician program can vary depending on several factors, and understanding these factors is crucial for anyone embarking on this career path.

State Requirements

Each state has its own set of requirements for the number of training hours needed to qualify for the licensure exam. On average, esthetician programs can range from 600 to 1,500 hours, with some states requiring more extensive training than others. In the state of California, an esthetician license requires 600 hours of training.

Full-Time vs. Part-Time Programs:

The duration of the program can really depend on you and your class schedule. Esthetician programs, much like your favorite skincare routine, come in various shapes and sizes. The duration can depend on factors like the type of program, your location, and whether you decide to go full-time or part-time.

If you’re ready to dive right into the world of esthetics, a full-time program might be right for you. Typically, these intensive programs can be completed in about 6 months. However, We understand that life gets busy and that you may prefer a part-time program. These can extend anywhere from 8 to 12 months, allowing you to balance your passion for skincare with the demands of everyday life. 

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Program Curriculum:

The depth of the curriculum can influence the duration of an esthetician program. A more comprehensive curriculum covering advanced techniques, specialized treatments, and business management skills may require additional training hours. As we have mentioned earlier, TSPA San Jose now offers a 600-hour and 900-hour program. Let’s explore the differences between the different curriculums: 

The 600-Hour Esthetics Program

TSPA San Jose’s 600-hour esthetics program offers a solid foundation in esthetic principles, preparing students for entry-level roles in the beauty industry. Here is what you can expect from this curriculum:

  • Skincare Fundamentals
  • Makeup Application
  • Hair Removal
  • Spa Services 

The 900-Hour Esthetics Program

TSPA San Jose students can look forward to expanding their knowledge and skills in our 900-hour esthetics program. Here’s a preview of what the advanced program has to offer: 

  • Brow Lamination & Brow Tinting
  • Hydrafacial Training
  • Airbrushed Spray Tanning

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Don’t Let the Cost of Beauty School Stop You!

Embarking on the journey towards becoming a licensed esthetician is undoubtedly an exciting prospect, but for many, the concern of costs can be a significant hurdle. Beauty school tuition, materials, and other related expenses can add up, potentially deterring passionate individuals from pursuing their dream career. It’s important to recognize that there are various ways and resources available to make your esthetician education financially possible! We recommend that you contact our admissions team for more information on these options: 

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®)
  • Scholarships
  • Government Assistance Programs
  • Payment Plans
  • Part-Time Work and Side Hustles
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning

Remember, the investment you make in your education is an investment in your future. While the upfront costs may seem daunting, the potential rewards of a fulfilling future in esthetics can far outweigh the initial financial concerns. Don’t let the cost of beauty school stand in the way of pursuing your passion! Financial aid is available to those who qualify. 

Become an Esthetician in San Jose, California

Find the right schedule and curriculum option for you by giving us a call! The Salon Professional Academy is a great place to pursue your goals in esthetics. Our graduates have been employed by leading beauty and wellness establishments, as well as started their own successful businesses. We are here to support you throughout your entire enrollment process and answer any questions you have! Contact us today!


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