7 Hairstyles to Kick Off Summer

Every summer, new hair trends seem to emerge. Many people like to see the summer season as a time to reinvent themselves and experiment with new looks. Lots of people cut, color, or style their hair in a whole new way – and it can be really fun to try out tons of different styles.

The hair and beauty industry is always changing. New trends come and go – and great hairstylists need to know what’s up so they can keep their clients happy!

Now, if you’ve always enjoyed following the latest hairstyles, you should consider a career as a cosmetologist. In the cosmetology program at The Salon Professional Academy, San Jose, we teach our students how to keep up with the trends. Our students learn all of the latest styles along with classical training for a well-rounded education.

Here’s what’s going to be the hottest styles this summer:

Razor Sharp Cuts

blonde woman with a choppy haircut

Going short for summer is always popular, especially if you want to avoid suffering in the summer heat! This year a huge trend we’ve been seeing is using a razor on the ends to create a sharp, blunt edge. This gives the look a fresh, modern twist, especially with chin-length bobs.

This haircut is surprisingly versatile, too. It works well with curls and waves, or it can be blown out and straightened for a sharper look. The ends can also be flipped in or out for a more mod-style!

Modern Shags and Mullets

Yes, as much as we may not believe it, the shag and mullet are back! You may have noticed some trendsetters like Miley Cyrus and Chloe Grace Moretz rocking this rather daring cut.

In fact, the mullet haircut had a huge bump in Google searches just this year!

google trends screenshot

However, there are some modern twists on this 80s style. They are a bit subtler and sleeker than the cut your parents may have rocked back in the day. It is also a great cut for thicker hair, as the excessive layers can thin out extra weight.

The mullet is a bit edgier and includes the “business in the front, party in the back” cut. This means that shorter bangs and layers will frame the face, with long locks cascading down the back. But the difference here doesn’t need to be stark. The modern approach seamlessly blends the shorter layers to the back.

Face Framing Layers

While blunt cuts were all the rage this winter, people are softening up their look for the summer with face-framing layers. Curtain bangs are a huge trend that goes right along with the middle part craze. These types of bangs hit at the cheekbone or below, and softly fall to either side.

This style works great for medium and longer lengths and pairs well with soft waves and curls to add dimension to the look.

Embracing Natural Texture

woman with natural textured hair sitting outside

No one has time to work with tons of hot hair tools in the summer! Embracing natural textures like curls and waves is all the rage – and you’ll be seeing a lot less of the traditional perfectly curled styles.

It is super important for hairstylists to work with their client’s texture when giving them a cut. Hair can look totally different when it is wet. So, while a cut may look great in the chair, it may not work well once it dries and curls up. Cosmetology students have to practice on all hair types during their training so they know how to style all of their clients correctly.

Accessorized Do’s

Another way to instantly add some style to any cut is to accessorize it. Colorful clips, headbands, pins, and scrunchies are everywhere this summer! They work with every hair type and cut, and they’re a great way to add summery vibes to your look.

You may also notice a resurgence in Y2K hairstyles and accessories. Pigtails, space buns, and claw clip up-dos are a huge trend. Adding in little touches like colorful clips can take this look to a more fashionable, grown-up level.

Vintage Styles

Vintage styles from the 50s and 60s are coming back thanks to hit shows like The Queen’s Gambit and The Crown. Old Hollywood glam curls are having another moment! Making this look requires some training, as you will need to set the curls correctly so they fall just so.

Low-Maintenance Color Changes

woman with strawberry blonde hair smiling

Natural beauty is in – and that extends to hair color, too. Adding in subtle highlights and soft ombres is becoming more popular than dramatic hair color changes. These blend beautifully and will naturally grow out and fade.

Adding in face-framing highlights is a great touch for a summery glow that looks super natural. These highlights are placed on either side of the face and extend up to the root, with naturally blended highlights incorporated throughout.

Which Style Will You Try Next?

While some of the popular hairstyles are easy to do on your own, you should have your hair styled by a person with cosmetology training. Hair dyes and chemicals used to treat hair can be very dangerous if they are not used correctly. Additionally, cutting your hair to match the look you’ve seen online or in a magazine is a lot more complicated than it may appear!

If you’ve always loved styling hair and have an interest in beauty trends, why not study and become a cosmetologist? Learn more about The Salon Professional Academy, San Jose and our exceptional cosmetology program today!

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