The Makeup World Is About To Turn Upside Down!





The world is about to turn upside down with this amazing new silicone blending makeup sponge!

Silicone blending sponges are having a moment right now thanks to the Silisponge, an applicator that looks similar to a breast push-up pad and is designed to flawlessly blend in makeup. However, for some, the flat tool can be a little unwieldy, while others long for a textured surface similar to that of a true sponge.

A Kickstarter campaign for Evie Blender has taken the original silicone tool concept and claims to have perfected it. Its creator, makeup artist Angie Johnson, came up with the concept when working behind the scenes on television shows like Documentary Now!. For these programs, she put her special effects skills to use, and her experimentation with different silicone materials while creating prosthetics inspired Evie’s creation.

Its squishy, teardrop shape makes it easy to grip, and it features both a large end for buffing and a pointed end to get into small areas like under the eye and around the nose. It has a textured surface just like a real sponge but doesn’t hold on to makeup, making it easy to wash off (it doesn’t stain either). The hypoallergenic tool can even be boiled or wiped with rubbing alcohol to sanitize it — a major selling point for professional artists. Bonus: it’s sparkly!

Though the tool isn’t available for purchase yet, you can donate $28 to the Kickstarter campaign, which will secure your very own Evie for March delivery (should the campaign make its goal). Read on to see more shots of the Evie Blender, then give to the Kickstarter if you’re interested in trying it out!


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It’s all about the rainbow braids!


Check out this article by Amina Mucciolo. Amina is known for her tassel business, but she is also taking the world by storm with her stylish rainbow yarn braids. Read on the learn more and checkout the video to learn her techquie for rainbow yarn braids!

She styles them herself with yarn she buys from the craft store. To finish her entire head takes upward of 30 hours. But as she tells us, color is such a motivating factor in her life that it’s “absolutely” worth it.

The designer, stylist, and YouTuber, 33, has long been obsessed with bold, splashy hues. In 2011, she started her own paper decor company, Studio Mucci, thus earning her the nickname “The Tassel Fairy.” When she’s not spreading magic through her crafts, she uses her YouTube channel to inspire other women to be confident and, of course, “to live colorfully.”

Home Remedies For Healthier Hair

Tricks and tips for healthier hair at home

Can’t afford an expensive hair mask or treatment from a salon? Well you might have a treatment at home closer than you think that you can make with the ingredients from your fridge. These inexpensive tricks will condition your brittle dried out locks leaving you with much healthier hair than you had before.



1. Mash up an avocado with one egg then apply to wet hair leave on for 20 minutes then rinse several times. Avocados are rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals that will help restore luster to the hair.



2. Massaging butter into your hair in small amounts will add shine. Leave on for 20n minutes then shampoo and condition as usual.




3. Put moisture back into dry hair by warming up ½ cup olive oil and rubbing it into hair. Wrap in plastic or towel and leave on for 45 minutes then shampoo and completely rinse.





4. Tea can give hair a natural shine and also enhance hair color. Use a quart of warm unsweetened tea as a final rinse after regular shampoo.






5. Mixing an egg with your shampoo can add protein back to the hair.




6. Before the beach or after a swim protect hair from harsh elements/chemicals with homemade rinse of ¼ cup apple cider mixed with ¾ cup water to help cleanse hair.






Homemade Hair Masks for Dry or Damaged Hair




Heatcure Redken Professional restoration service for hair

One of the biggest culprits of damaged hair is heat however it is also the most effective way to restore it. The heatcure professional service is different from other restorative treatments because it can only be activated when using with its specifically designed tool. It can last up to 10 washes and be used on fine-medium, coarse and curly hair. Even the most damaged hair is instantly restored to a healthy vibrant look and feel. The treatment also includes a at home weekly at home self-heating mask that can be used in-between services.


After shampooing your stylist will apply 4-7 pumps of heat cure to your wet hair then taking the specially designed tool that is specifically designed to be used at a low temperature of 284’F. They will glide through your hair section to activate the formula. When finished the stylist will rinse your hair and style as usual.


How to use heatcure self-heating mask at home

  1. Peel before shower, open mask so it can start the self-heating.
  2. Wait 2-4 minutes for mask to start heating (do not put under water)
  3. After shampoo open and squeeze contents into hands and distribute formula through hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse.


Based off of a 50 women focus group…

96%  of clients agree there hair felt more conditioned

94%  agreed it looked healthier 10 washed later

70%  of clients were satisfied

96%  of clients who tried at home treatment agreed hair felt more nourished and conditioned

86%  agreed hair looked healthier

80% agreed hair felt less damaged