Heatcure Redken Professional restoration service for hair

One of the biggest culprits of damaged hair is heat however it is also the most effective way to restore it. The heatcure professional service is different from other restorative treatments because it can only be activated when using with its specifically designed tool. It can last up to 10 washes and be used on fine-medium, coarse and curly hair. Even the most damaged hair is instantly restored to a healthy vibrant look and feel. The treatment also includes a at home weekly at home self-heating mask that can be used in-between services.


After shampooing your stylist will apply 4-7 pumps of heat cure to your wet hair then taking the specially designed tool that is specifically designed to be used at a low temperature of 284’F. They will glide through your hair section to activate the formula. When finished the stylist will rinse your hair and style as usual.


How to use heatcure self-heating mask at home

  1. Peel before shower, open mask so it can start the self-heating.
  2. Wait 2-4 minutes for mask to start heating (do not put under water)
  3. After shampoo open and squeeze contents into hands and distribute formula through hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse.


Based off of a 50 women focus group…

96%  of clients agree there hair felt more conditioned

94%  agreed it looked healthier 10 washed later

70%  of clients were satisfied

96%  of clients who tried at home treatment agreed hair felt more nourished and conditioned

86%  agreed hair looked healthier

80% agreed hair felt less damaged