Tips for Landing Your First Beauty Job

As the beauty industry continues to grow, there are so many exciting career opportunities that could be available to you! One of the first steps to making your career dreams a reality is completing the necessary amount of training hours at an accredited beauty school, but that’s just the beginning. Even as a graduate, it may still seem intimidating to continue your beauty journey and understand how you can land your first job in the industry. A lot of people feel nervous about this next step, which is why we want to help. Read our blog for tips on how you can get ready to land your first job as a beauty professional!

Make the Most of Your Time in School

As you’re applying for a job that works best for your personality, it’s important that you can perform the latest techniques and styles in the industry. Since there are so many beauty skills to learn in one program, chances are that many employers will want to know that you can do a variety of beauty services.

That’s why you should make the most of your time in beauty school by paying attention to all the lessons and maybe even focusing on specific skills that could set you apart from other beauty professionals. During our programs, students can practice all these skills on real clients under the direct supervision of licensed professionals. This means that you can learn how to work with clients and build relationships that may help benefit your future career!

stylist doing bride's hair

Not only is this time to study technical beauty skills, but school can be the perfect opportunity to start learning how to market your techniques once you graduate! During our programs, you can learn valuable skills for landing their first jobs like how to grow your personal brand, what you should include on your resume, and much more! Contact us if you have any questions about what these lessons could do for your future beauty career.

Create a Professional Resume

As a licensed professional, you want to look prepared! After all, beauty is your passion which means that you probably want your first job to be the start of a long career. Creating a professional resume with relevant information about your future is a great way to leave a good first impression with possible employers. If you’re unsure what you might want to include on your resume, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • First and last name
  • Contact information
  • Your education summary
  • Relevant experience in the industry

Another thing you can include on your resume to help you stand out is a recommendation from a professional in the industry. You may have made a lot of connections with others during your time at school. Those people are a great example of someone you could ask!

Put Together Your Portfolio

When you’re starting your beauty career, don’t be afraid to volunteer your skills to help make a name for yourself as a beauty professional. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be involved in a fashion show or community event. Your beauty skills could be the perfect way for you to experience these exciting things while building your portfolio!

Like your resume, your portfolio should look professional and show that you’re serious about a job in beauty. So remember to always be searching for ways to express your creativity and take pictures to show off what you’re capable of doing. Having a professional beauty Instagram account is one great way to get your pictures together to let people see your amazing beauty skills!

Get Ready for Your Interview

After graduating from beauty school and creating ways to market your skills, you’re ready to start preparing for your first interview in the beauty industry! Before you go, it could be a good idea to think of some questions they might ask so you don’t forget anything you want to add. There’s nothing worse than leaving an interview feeling like there was something important that you didn’t mention. No matter how much you’ve studied the different sides of beauty, rehearing your interview could make a big difference in whether you land your first job!

Ready to Prepare for Your Future Career?

Do you want to start learning how you can succeed in a beauty career? In our programs, you can learn both technical and business skills for a complete education so you can feel confident enough to go after your first job! Contact us to learn more about the application process and how you can get started. We look forward to helping you get started!

How to Prepare for Beauty School During High School

Back-to-school season is here! This time of year is exciting because it’s often the start of a new adventure, especially for those who are beginning their senior year of high school. If you’ve always had a passion for beauty and you’re wondering what comes next after graduation, then an education in beauty could be a great next step for you. We’ve put together a list of how you can start getting ready for an education in beauty during your last year of high school!

Research the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is constantly growing and there are so many career opportunities that could be available. It all depends on you and which area of beauty you love! Maybe you’ve always loved hair and you want to learn how to perform amazing styles and colors. Or you might be more interested in learning about skin care or makeup. The beauty world is unique to each individual and how you spend your education depends on how you express your creativity. Researching more about the industry can help you form a plan for starting a future you love after high school.

Take Classes With Beauty in Mind

Just because you’re still in high school doesn’t mean you can’t start learning skills that could benefit your future in beauty. As you’re finishing high school and preparing for your next step, there are many classes you may not have thought of that could help you with an education in beauty!


If you’re someone who loves seeing dramatic beauty transformations and you want to perform them someday, then chances are that you already love art classes. These types of classes are a great way to show off your creativity and become comfortable as you try something new. Even if you don’t see yourself as a painter or sculptor, learning basic color theory and design principles could really benefit you in the field of beauty!

female student painting


Although you might not think of science being associated with beauty, these subjects can actually give you a lot of useful information. Part of your beauty education could cover proper beauty care techniques, which means you need to understand the human body. Also, if you’re planning on pursuing a future in cosmetology, during beauty school you will learn how the chemical dyes react with a client’s hair. Both anatomy and chemistry could help you with a foundation of skills you could learn in beauty school.


In the beauty industry, it’s important that you have business and marketing skills as well as your technical abilities. When you’re looking for a beauty program, make sure that business is incorporated in the curriculum because it can help give you the edge you need when looking for a career. Having a background in business and using social media skills could help you learn how to gain and retain clientele.

Tell People About Your Goals

Don’t just say you’re going to do something, but take the steps that can help your beauty dreams become a reality. It’s easy to say your goal, but making a plan and sticking to it is a whole different thing. If you want to apply for beauty school, then telling your friends and family about your plan is a great way to make sure you’re held accountable. Not only will they be there to help you stick to your goals, but they can also be your support system as you continue your beauty journey!

Sign Up for a Tour

Touring a beauty school is a great way to see if the school’s culture is the right fit for you. This is also where you can ask questions about your specific journey through beauty. It’s a good idea to come prepared for your tour with a list of questions so you don’t forget anything important. For a more detailed list of topics you should think about asking, click here. Even though you’ve still got a year left of high school, it’s never too early to start planning. You’ll always be welcome for a tour of our beauty school!

Start Your Beauty Journey With Us

We want to help you start this next step in your journey. If you’ve thought about a beauty education after high school, then our cosmetology program could be a great path for you! We’d love to have you come visit us at our school to find out if we’re the right choice for you. Contact us to learn more about how you can start your new adventure after high school!

Let’s Talk About Your Career Goals

Are you looking to start your future in beauty school? With the vast number of possibilities available in the beauty industry, it’s all up to you where your career can take you! It’s an exciting time and no matter what your goals are, chances are there’s a job in the beauty industry to match what you have in mind. Don’t believe us? Let’s talk about your career goals and find out if a future in beauty can help you accomplish them!

Chance to Show Off Your Creativity

Do you want a career path that allows you to express yourself? Cosmetology could be your creative outlet! Just imagine all the different looks you can come up with in hair and makeup. Every client presents a new opportunity to turn their vision into a reality and you can complete it with your own personal touch.

stylist combing through client's hair

Flexible Schedule

We all know that life can get pretty busy. It can often be frustrating to coordinate your schedule if your job doesn’t offer any flexibility. If you dread a typical 9-5 office setting, then a career in cosmetology could be your opportunity to take charge. For many cosmetologists, that could be in a salon where you decide on clients’ appointments when it works best for you. Or maybe you even go meet your clients. If you learned an area of beauty that you loved, then you could work as a freelance artist with that specialized skill. Whether you want to focus on bridal makeup or prom hairstyles, you can choose your own schedule.

Travel for a Living

Have you always wanted a future with new places to go and people to meet? A future in beauty could be your opportunity to keep your job exciting and practice what you love in a wide variety of locations. Cruise ships, sales and marketing, and personal stylists are just some of the career options that could allow you to practice what you love while traveling!

Become a Salon Owner

Did you know that business is a big part of the beauty industry? Students learning cosmetology need to know both technical and business skills to become successful in today’s world! Many cosmetology programs now include business training in their curriculum. With a knowledge of business specific to beauty, you could have the skills necessary to own a salon or become a leader in the business side of the beauty industry.

salon owner with her arms folded across her chest

Job Stability

We all want to do something that we really enjoy, but it’s also important to think about the opportunities for your dream job.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for cosmetologists is expected to grow 13% from 2016 to 2026. With so many opportunities available in the beauty industry, it’s no wonder that cosmetology is growing!

Begin Your Career Goals Here

Are you ready to get started on your career goals? We’re here to help! Our cosmetology program teaches students the skills that can help them begin a successful career in whatever they decide to do. Contact us to learn more about how you can start the application process. We can’t wait to hear from you!

5 Makeup Looks for Wedding Season

Summer is just around the corner, which means that wedding season is officially in full-swing. We love seeing the beautiful styles people wear on their special day. If you’re planning your wedding or you know someone getting married in the next few months, chances are that you’ve been busy. From deciding which shoes match your outfit to finding the perfect dress, there’s a lot to think about. With so much happening, it can be easy to forget about the little details like how to do your makeup. Don’t worry! We’ve put together a guide of makeup styles to wear, inspired by looks from our students. Whether you’re a guest, bridesmaid, or the bride herself, our blog has your wedding makeup inspiration.

Smokey Eyeshadow

If you’re the bride and you want to wear a timelessly classic makeup style, look no further than a smokey eyeshadow look. This is a great way to make your eyes pop with whatever shade goes best with your eye color. Don’t have a lot of time to get ready? Although this style seems complicated, it actually only takes a few simple steps to achieve perfect smokey eyes. Start with a natural shade just darker than your skin tone and build up gradually bolder shades on your lid. Just make sure to blend in your layers of eyeshadow and watch the magic unfold. Complete your look by applying a few coats of mascara to help your eyes stand out even more!

smokey eyes

Inner Corner Highlight

With all the different color combinations available for this look, an inner corner highlight is a great makeup choice for bridesmaids to wear. No matter what color your dress is, matching it with a base eye color and brightening up the corner with something extra can help complete your look! This added splash of color can make your eyes look brighter and more awake. Although the inner corner doesn’t take up that much space, highlighting it with a shimmery eyeshadow will make a big difference in your wedding style. Don’t worry about spending all morning on your makeup! This makeup look is extremely easy and won’t take long to accomplish!

inner corner

Natural Glam

The trendy look of natural glam makeup has been gaining in popularity and it’s not going away anytime soon. That’s totally okay with us! We love this more natural look and think that it’ll look amazing on any bride when she’s walking down the aisle. Using natural colors is the perfect way to help your facial features stand out without looking like you’re wearing a lot of makeup. Add on some foundation and a little bit of blush and you’re ready for your big day. We love this subtle lipstick to go with the natural glow!

natural makeup

Cut Crease

Looking for a makeup look that can go with your bridesmaids dress? The cut crease is a trendy makeup style that’s amazing for showing off and opening up your beautiful eyes! Not only will it go with any dress, but it’s also super easy to apply once you get the hang of it. After you add transitional shades in the crease and brow bone area, use concealer on a stiff brush to carve out your crease line. Then add a glitter eyeshadow on your lid and blend a darker shade above to soften your crease line. Blending in these shades will help give your eyes some extra dimension! The darker eyeshadow above your lid will look incredible against your full lashes.

cut crease makeup

Bold Eyeshadow Color

Whether you’re the bride or not, don’t be afraid to try out an eyeshadow color that you normally wouldn’t wear. If you’re the bride, this is your special day and all eyes are going to be on you. Now is the perfect opportunity to wear an eyeshadow that’s bold and emphasizes just how beautiful your eyes are. We love how this blue eyeshadow is just one example of how you can make a statement. The thick eyeliner, full eyelashes, and shiny lips are the perfect combination for this style to look even more gorgeous! If you’re worried about trying out a bolder look, you can always apply different shades before the wedding to find out which one you love best.

bold eye color

Want to Learn How to Apply Makeup

Did you love seeing these makeup ideas? Are you already planning on trying these and other wedding makeup ideas? If you have a passion for makeup and helping others feel amazing, then an education in makeup could be a great option for you! Contact us to find out more about Makeup Artistry program and learn how you can start the application process.

Why Choose TSPA San Jose?

When you’re thinking about attending beauty school, there is a lot to consider. What is the scheduling like? What programs do they offer? What kind of support is provided? The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), San Jose can offer you a thorough beauty education within one of the largest networks of beauty schools and salons in The United States and Canada. Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose us!

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on having a great culture that focuses on supporting students and encouraging artistic inspiration. Beauty is a creative industry. Our staff believes that to succeed, you need to look the part. That’s why we strive to be a resource for what is trending in the beauty industry. All of our students are passionate about their art, whether it’s makeup artistry or coloring hair. Through weekly mentoring sessions, we can help you turn your passion into a future.

A Professionally Driven Education

At TSPA San Jose, our programs are centered on high-quality products by top brands. Our Redken-infused cosmetology program can prepare students with the technical and practical skills necessary for a future in the beauty industry. We know that passing the state board exam is important, but being prepared with real-life experience is even more important. We offer training in innovative cutting, styling, and coloring techniques, the chance to learn in a fully equipped student salon training area, and the crucial business and marketing skills needed to grow your personal brand. Our programs use technology for education and guest relations, so you can learn what it means to be a modern beauty professional.

Passionate Educators

The educators at TSPA San Jose have a passion for education and helping students achieve their goals. These dedicated beauty professionals can help you learn at your own pace while also challenging you to be your best. This is a place where you can make mistakes and grow from them. TSPA educators don’t just teach, they mentor. We want you to reach your full potential as a stylist. Coaching can you teach you how to meet your goals and learn the skills you need to reach top performance.

Red haired model in black dress.

The SPEC Support Network

We are proud to be part of the Salon Professional Education Company (SPEC) Network! As part of this system, we receive a huge amount of training and support that other schools may not. This includes operations manuals and trainings, a thorough online and technology strategy, proven marketing programs, ongoing training, and exclusive collaboration and support from global beauty leader, L’Oréal Professionnel, in all TSPA schools. The SPEC network understands that students need training in personal development and business strategies along with technical knowledge and soft skills in beauty. If you choose to attend TSPA San Jose, you can be a part of this supportive network throughout your education!

Logo for SPEC.

Extra Training Opportunities

TSPA San Jose now offers an exciting Make-up Designory (MUD) course! This is a fresh, new brand focused on color and modern techniques. In this course, students can learn the makeup application skills that are vital in today’s beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries. The course teaches techniques for base and contouring, eye makeup, highlighting, eyebrows, lips, cheeks, and special occasion makeup. Getting a verification certificate from this program can be a great way to add to your beauty skillset!

Exam Prep

Sitting for the state board is an inevitable part of cosmetology school. We want you, and every other student, to be prepared for it. By offering a mock exam, we can help you feel ready for the actual state board. It’s our goal to help each student pass the exam and receive their license, so we take exam preparation seriously at TSPA San Jose.

Business/Sales Skills

For a successful future in beauty, you need business and sales skills. Our owners have over 30 years of combined business and sales experience to offer you. We know what it takes to make it in the modern beauty industry. TSPA San Jose offers workshops on sales, social media, and resume building. We also give you the chance to hone your skills in our student salon training area, where you can work with real salon products and practice techniques on guests.

Flexible Scheduling

Got a busy schedule? No problem! We offer full-time and part-time cosmetology programs, with classes available during the day and at night. Whether you’re working another job or have a family to take care of, we want all students to get a chance to attend our classes in a way that is convenient for them.

Calendar with a red pen.

Financial Aid

We believe that financial concerns should not stand in the way of following your passion for beauty. TSPA San Jose offers financial aid and scholarships to those who qualify. You can learn more about this on our financial aid page.

Support After Graduation

TSPA San Jose is a family. That means we stick together even after your graduation. Our alumni group is a great place to share ideas, receive career advice, ask questions, and find opportunities for networking. You can also get 50% off services as a TSPA San Jose graduate!

Graduation cap on top of money.

TSPA San Jose Graduation and State Board Rates

  • 77% of TSPA San Jose students who enroll graduate. That’s 27% above the standard.
  • 89% of TSPA San Jose students find jobs after graduation. That’s 29% above the standard.
  • 97% of TSPA San Jose students pass their state board test. That’s 27% above the standard.

Get in Touch With TSPA San Jose

Now that you’ve learned about why TSPA San Jose could be a great option for beauty school, contact us to learn more! You can call or email us if you have any questions or want to schedule a tour. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Images shown are not of TSPA San Jose. Although environments depicted are similar to those at TSPA San Jose they are not direct representations.

Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit

All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals

PCA Is Here @ TSPA





The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose is excited to announce our new partnership with PCA Skin. We spent many months trying to decided on a new curriculum and skincare line for our students, and finally decided on PCA. PCA has been creating beautiful skin for more than 25 years. They are well known for their self neutralizing chemicals peels and TSPA favorite the Sensi Peel.


When you enroll as an esthetician student at The Salon Professional Academy you will be training on the PCA system. Your will receive not one, but two kits! Your first kit will include the core products by PCA. These are the products you will be using during your training in foundations, and on your clients while you are working on mastering your technique in the spa. Your second kit you will receive once your pass your state board test, and it’s worth the wait! This kit will include backbar size products and TWO PCA Peels. It is the perfect kit to help you start your own small business as a skin care expert!


We invite you to come to The Salon Professional Academy and take a tour of our skincare department and view the beautiful PCA student Kit. The schedule a tour please give us a ring at 408.784.4463 or email.


We look forward to seeing you at TSPA


Paying For School: Everything You Need To Know

Have you always wanted to apply for beauty school but finances were holding you back? At the Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), San Jose we want anyone who has a passion for beauty to have the opportunity to apply for one of our programs. That’s why we offer a variety of financial aid options for students who qualify! If you’re a newbie when it comes to post-secondary education, or the different kinds of financial aid just make your head spin a little bit, we’re here to help you out.

→Already an expert in the financial assistance department? You can get your enrollment process started here.

What Are the Different Ways to Pay For School?

That’s right, we said “ways”! There are a wide variety of options available to qualifying students, each with their own benefits, depending on your individual situation

Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Federal Aid
  • State Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Private Assistance e.g. Non Profits, Employee Benefits

Federal Aid

Before applying for our financial aid options, you first have to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Your FAFSA application combined with your tax return information will determine whether or not you’re eligible for financial aid assistance and which type you’re qualified to receive. After filling out your form, there are a few options that could be available to you.

Federal Pell Grants are awarded to students based on their financial need. The FAFSA application that you completed combined with your tax return determines if you qualify for a grant. Students normally don’t need to pay back the money they received from this type of financial aid. Our team in the financial aid office would love to talk with you more about this if you have any questions about this process!

Unlike a grant, a student loan is money for your education that you pay back once you’ve graduated. Your financial need determines whether subsidized or unsubsidized loans are best for you.

Before you fill out your FAFSA, you should know the difference between the types of loan options.

Unsubsidized Loans: Loans that are paid back and accrue interest while you’re in school.
Subsidized Loans: Loans that generally do not accrue interest until after the last date of attendance, when payment becomes due.
PLUS Loans: At our location, these loans are generally for parents of dependent students. In essence, the loan goes to your parent or guardian instead of you.

To find out what you qualify for individually, you’ll need to start your FAFSA application for the first step. You’ll want to make sure you set aside an hour (maybe a bit more if you’re a first-timer) to complete your application. You’ll be prompted to create an account to get an FSA ID, and then you’ll be able to begin your application.

You’ll want to have information such as your social security number, tax information, or any financial records that may apply if you’ve got investments or notable assets. Depending on how you filed your taxes for the previous year, you might be able to import them directly from the IRS website, but this option isn’t available for every application.

State Financial Aid

The type of loans, grants, and other kinds of financial aid available to you will vary from state to state, and depend on a variety of factors such as your income, family income, and more. Our school is located in California, so we encourage you to check out the California Student Aid Commission’s page on the types of aid offered in the state.

Special Circumstances to Keep in Mind

A number of special state, federal, and school-specific assistance options are available to students who fall into categories such as:

  • State and Federal Employees
  • Military Veterans

Scholarships from TSPA San Jose

At TSPA San Jose, we offer a variety of scholarships to students who qualify! . To check out the requirements and application steps, head over to our scholarships page for more information.

Private Assistance

You may have more options than you think for private financial assistance. You can use resources like the College Board scholarship search, a Google search, or peruse your local media for opportunities being offered by companies in your area.

Additionally, keep in mind that there are plenty of employers out there that will help contribute to your schooling while you’re employed there, from fast-food chains to call centers and corporations.

These options require a bit of creativity and resourcefulness more often than not, but can pay off big time in the long run.

How to Get Help With Financial Aid

We can throw all the information in the world at you, and it can still sometimes be overwhelming or confusing, especially if you’re a first-timer. This is meant to be a useful resource, but we always recommend that you speak to one of our friendly financial assistance reps, who can be reached at 408-784-4463.

They can provide information like our school code, answer general questions about the financial aid process, and tell you more about our programs.

While finances are one of the biggest hurdles to clear in most situations, you don’t have to let it stop you from pursuing your dream career at TSPA San Jose. Contacts us to start your beauty journey!

Paying For School

Must Have Hair Color Trends For Sping 2017


It is almost spring time in San Jose, California and that means it time to checkout all the newest hair color trends for spring 2017. The Salon Professional Academy, a Redken Diamond academy is known for teaching and create on trend hair coloring techniques. We thought we would share with you all the delicious hues that have been popping up on the runway and the beauty blogs. If your brave! Maybe try one for yourself, or even better, become a cosmetology student at The Salon Professional academy in San Jose and learn how to create these one of a kind hair color looks. Be sure to send us and email to set up your TSPA salon today!

Rose Gold

Classic, fun and on trend with the metal tone of the season.



Contoured Hair

Like the name states, this hair color will contour and high lite the shape of your face.




Dubbed the color of the year by Pantone. I know a little wild, but hey it is fun!


Day In The Life Of A Skincare Expert!

Esthetics Classes Now Enrolling

Are you thinking about becoming a esthetician with the help of The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose. Choosing to work in the career of skincare is amazing, and with the skin care industry to reach $11 Billion dollars by 2018, you can bet you will have a sustainable and fun career.

Not sure exactly what an esthetician does? We have an informative list of what a skincare specialist does day to day. Check it out below!

Typical Day for Skincare Specialists

Here is a list of tasks that Skincare Specialists do every day.

  • Sterilize equipment and clean work areas.
  • Examine clients’ skin, using magnifying lamps or visors when necessary, to evaluate skin condition and appearance.
  • Cleanse clients’ skin with water, creams, or lotions.
  • Demonstrate how to clean and care for skin properly and recommend skin-care regimens.
  • Select and apply cosmetic products such as creams, lotions, and tonics.

Weekly and Monthly Tasks

Here is a list of tasks that Skincare Specialists do on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Stay abreast of latest industry trends, products, research, and treatments.
  • Refer clients to medical personnel for treatment of serious skin problems.
  • Remove body and facial hair by applying wax.
  • Apply chemical peels to reduce fine lines and age spots.
  • Advise clients about colors and types of makeup and instruct them in makeup application techniques.


Okay, you read all the fun facts, now it is time to set up your TSPA tour. Please give us a ring at (408) 579-9111 or send us an email . We look forward to seeing you at The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose.

A Smashing Career as a Hairstylist!!!!!!

Say it loud, and say it proud! You are starting on the path to becoming a hairstylist with the help of The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose. You have made the decision to build a career and life you love, working in one of the fastest growing industries. In 2015 the industry generated $56.2 billion in the United States, and expected to keep growing over the next 10 years. With the glowing out look of this industry, only you can limit yourself.  As a licensed cosmetologist you can work in any of the following careers, and you can even work in more than one. Take a look at the list below, created  by The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose, California.


So Many Career Paths As a Licensed Cosmetologist! 

Cosmetologist  Hairstylist, Barber, Hair Color Specialist, Perm Specialist, Esthetician, Nail Care Artists, Manicurist, Salon Owner, Salon Manager, Salon Coordinator, Salon Sales Consultant, Manufacturer Sales Representative, Makeup Artist, Director of Education, Distributor’s Sales Representative, Fashion Show Stylist, Photo and Movie Stylist, Platform Artist and Educator, Beauty Magazine Writer, Beauty Magazine Editor, Cosmetology School Owner, Cosmetology Instructor, Beauty Care Marketing, Salon Franchisee, Salon Chain Management, Beauty Care Distributor, Salon Computer Expert, Beauty Care PR Specialist, Research Chemist, Beauty Product Designer, Beauty Business Consultant, Trade Show Director, or Beauty School Owner.

download (5)


Beauty Industry Growth Facts


With the end of your senior year fast approaching, it is time to start making plans to start you stylish career as a cosmetologist with a FAB education at The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose. March 7th, 2017 is our next start date! Classes fill up fast! Be sure to send us an email or give us a ring ( 408-784-4463) to set up your tour. We look forward to seeing you at TSPA!