How to Give Back for the Holidays

With all that’s happened in the past few months, there’s no denying that this year has been overwhelming. Now with the holiday season coming up and people still feeling stressed about the future, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about giving back to the community!

Not sure what you can do to make a difference this time of year while also staying safe in 2020? Whether you want to do something small or spend a big part of your holiday season helping others, there are plenty of things you can do to give back. Check out our list for some inspiration!

Toys for Tots

This popular charity run by the U.S Marine Corps is committed to helping children receive gifts that they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise. The growth of this organization means that people can easily donate toys from wherever they are in the country like right here in California! Because of everything that’s happening in 2020, Toys for Tots has made it even easier to donate this year. All you have to do to help is go on their website and click on a toy you would like to donate and they’ll be able to give a child whatever you choose. Now you can make a difference virtually and avoid any unnecessary crowds!

children toys in a basket

Donate for Disaster Relief

Unfortunately, this year has had a lot of events that have affected families across the world. From the wildfires here in California to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of families who are still struggling with everything that’s happened. An easy way to give back this holiday season would be to donate to an organization that’s dedicated to helping those people get back on their feet. The Red Cross is a great example of where you can donate and know that your money is going toward helping those who most need it.

Help Your Local Food Bank

Because of COVID-19, it’s even more important to think about what you can do to help out our local food bank. Many families are struggling because of the pandemic and food banks need more help than ever. Of course, you should only do what you feel comfortable doing and keep your health in mind. Food banks are still accepting volunteers for people who want to sort food, help at pantries, or deliver food to families in quarantine. If you don’t want to risk being around too many people, you can always help your local food bank by donating food or money.

food box for donation

Donate More Than Food

It’s great to donate food to your local food bank, homeless shelter, or women’s shelters. But there are other things you can help out with, especially with all the shortages that have happened in 2020. Toilet paper, sanitary items, hand sanitizer, and soap are some examples of items you can donate. Find out what you can spare and make a plan for where you’re going to donate each item so you can help out as many people as possible.

Start a Fundraiser

Is there an issue that you feel particularly passionate about? You can start your own fundraiser to help raise money for a cause you want to give back to this holiday season. Share what organization you’re going to donate to so people can find out more about it before helping you reach your goal. It’s the perfect way to raise money for your favorite cause while also raising awareness for it!

How You Can Give Back

These are a great starting point for giving back this holiday season and there are even more ways you can safely help others in 2020. If you have any more questions about how you can help out the community, make sure to reach out to your local organizations. We can’t wait to see the impact you all make this time of year!

5 Things To Do Before Your First Day of Beauty School

The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), San Jose is striving to do everything possible to keep a safe environment for all students and educators so that you can get the education you’ve been dreaming of! Our Student Salon Training Area is navigating reopening safety precautions taken with COVID in September, so we’ve adjusted and could not be more excited to help our students pursue their passions whether it’s cosmetology or esthetics.

Your first day of beauty school is going to be full of excitement and new information. We want you to set yourself up for success and start off right by giving you five things you should do before your first day of school. That way you can stay safe while soaking up all the new information, meeting new people, and focusing on your beauty school goals! Let’s get started.

1. Learn the New Sanitation and Safety Guidelines

hairstylist cutting hair with covid-19 safety precautions

Safety and sanitization is an important part to becoming a great beauty professional, especially during this time of COVID-19! Make sure to read up on the guidelines you will need to take to ensure the safety of yourself, classmates, and educators. At TSPA San Jose, we strive to keep a safe and secure environment for everyone in the building. To learn more about safety guidelines now and as we prepare to reopen our Student Salon Training Area, head to this blog that discusses everything to do with our Hygiene Guidelines for Hairdressers as We Prepare To Reopen.

2. Pick Out Some Outfits

trendy woman in a black outfit

Feeling confident and beautiful even with a mask as an accessory can make all the difference when going to school. Even with everything going on, it’s still back-to-school season! A few outfits (and maybe some masks to match) should definitely be on your list of things to do before school. If you want to look the part, invest in some outfits!

Did you know that most beauty schools require their students to dress in all black outfits? Here are some reasons why:

  • You can better see the color.
  • It keeps the attention on the client’s hair or makeup.
  • Stains are easier to hide.

Being comfortable on your first day is also a must. When it comes to shoes, look for some that are comfy for long periods of time on your feet, close-toed for your safety, and non-slip so you don’t take a fall.

3. Pack Your Beauty Bag

trendy young woman with backpack over shoulder

Having all the back-to-school essentials in your beauty bag can make for a more relaxed and fun day of learning! Some important things you may want to have in your backpack are:

  • Hand Sanitizer to keep hands clean.
  • Extra masks and gloves for safety.
  • Planner to know what’s going on.
  • Notebook to write in.
  • Pen/pencil for writing purposes.
  • Gum to have fresh breath.
  • Chapstick/lip gloss to have soft lips.
  • Water bottle to drink and rejuvenate.
  • Phone charger to charge your phone.
  • Deodorant/Perfume to stay smelling good.

4. Create A Beauty Instagram Profile

girl texting on her phone

One of the best ways to get your name and your beauty skills out into the world is through marketing, especially when word of mouth is a little tricky these days. Of all the ways to market yourself, the hottest for the beauty industry is Instagram! This social media tool can allow friends, acquaintances, clients, and family members to see your journey and follow along.

Before school starts, you’ll definitely want to make your own profile. It’s a great way to document, see, and share your progress with the social media world! By doing so, you can feel confident, create a name for yourself, and get a head- start on your future career. To learn more about why an Instagram profile is so important and some killer tips on how to create one, visit our blog: 5 Tips To Create an Amazing Beauty Portfolio on Instagram!

5. Network With Other Beauty Professionals

diverse friends hugging and laughing

Knowing some familiar faces on your first day of school can make for a fun start to your beauty education! Follow TSPA San Jose on Facebook and Instagram to connect with previously enrolled, currently enrolled, and even future enrolled students. Connect, follow, befriend, and make plans to have a great time in your program!

Get Excited for Your First Day!

Have you prepared to have your own first day of beauty school? If you haven’t, find out what TSPA San Jose can do for you! If you’re interested in cosmetology or esthetics, check out more of our blog to explore these two programs, or give us a call so we can answer any questions you have and give you the resources you need to move forward confidently!

How to Make the Most of Your Studying in Cosmetology School in 2020

We all know that this year hasn’t turned out like we expected. But that doesn’t mean you should hold off on starting a career in something you’re excited about! Whether you’re learning from home or at school, you can still make 2020 the beginning of your beauty future. With all the changes this year has brought, many students might have a harder time deciding what best study habits they should have. Don’t worry, we’ll go over our studying tips so you can make the most of your beauty education!

Stay Organized

It’s always been good to have some level of organization but with so many things changing this year, this tip is more important than ever. Especially if you’re studying from home or even doing a hybrid schedule of going into the school some days and staying home on others.

This is a lot of students’ first time studying from home so it can be an adjusting period to learn how to make sure you keep making the most of your time. Clearing a space for you to study, writing down everything you need to do, and planning out how to finish your tasks are all great ways to stay organized!

Take Regular Breaks

We all know it’s exciting to learn more about the world of beauty. With so many trends and techniques to study, it may feel like you don’t have enough time to take breaks throughout the day. Trust us, you have enough time! Taking breaks not only gives you some much-needed relaxation time, but it also helps you focus more when you’re studying. It’s hard to give something your all when you’re pushing yourself too hard, even when it’s something you feel passionate about. Be kind to yourself and take some breaks by going on a walk, eating a good lunch, or anything else that helps you decompress.

woman smiling outside

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

As we said, many people are still trying to get used to their new schedules this year. Students studying from home or even at school have never learnt the way that’s required to keep everyone safe in 2020. Not only that, but they’re also learning techniques that might be completely new to them. That’s what instructors are here for!

Chances are that the beauty school team you’re studying at has come up with a plan on how to make sure their students feel supported and are learning what they love in a positive environment. If you have any questions, you should never hesitate to reach out to the people who are committed to seeing you succeed!

Reach Out to Your Fellow Beauty Enthusiasts

With this year forcing us to stay cooped up in our houses and maintaining social distancing rules, it’s been hard not to feel lonely in 2020. Especially for us beauty mavens who thrive on helping people feel beautiful with a new style.

woman looking up beauty styles online

One of the things we love about our programs is that it brings people together who share your same passion for cosmetology or esthetics. Although it may feel a little different, you can still talk with and create relationships with your instructors and fellow beauty students. If you are studying online, you can still connect with them through Facebook, Instagram, or even during your lessons online! You may even want to start a study group with them to talk with someone about the lessons and develop your skills even further!

Want to Get Started?

Excited to use this studying tips for an education you love? If you love helping people build up their confidence and using your creativity, one of our beauty programs could be the perfect path for you! We would love to talk more with you about our school’s culture, everything you need to know about starting school, and anything else you want to know!


As we maneuver these unchartered waters to reopen our Beauty School, The Salon Professional Academy, there is no doubt that we need to be prepared, educated, and follow extreme measures of sanitation as we prepare to reopen for Salon & Spa services. Not only do we have to educate our Students & Staff as we prepare to reopen our Cosmetology School, but our clientele as well. Here are a few things to expect!

The purpose of this document to provide a Hygiene Guideline for Hairdressers in order to help with the resumption of activity, in the Covid-19 context: which should be guided by the principle of minimizing risks.

In those establishments, open to the public, measures must be implemented to minimize contact between people (like staff, customers/clients…), and to increase the Hygiene Habits in place.


Is Beauty School Right for You?

Have you ever thought about turning your passion for beauty into a career? Beauty school is a great way for people to pursue a future that allows them to make connections with others and express their creativity through a growing industry!

Still trying to decide if beauty school is the right choice for you? Take a quiz to find out!

beauty school quiz

If beauty school is right for you, don’t wait any longer to start this exciting next step in your life! Contact us today to learn more about our school, the programs we offer, and how you can begin the application process. We can’t wait to hear from you!

How to Create a Killer Beauty Resume

The beauty industry is constantly growing! With so many career paths available for beauty professionals, it all depends on you and what you most want for your future. Most of us know that the first step to making our dream careers become a reality is to graduate from an accredited beauty school. But how do you prepare for what comes after earning a license in your specific beauty area of expertise? By making a resume of course! Your resume allows you to show off to employers what you can do as a beauty professional.

We understand that even with all your qualifications, it may seem overwhelming to organize all your accomplishments in a short paper that can make or break your interview. That’s why we want to help by listing out tips you need to know when making your resume to give you the ultimate guide!

How to Organize Your Resume

First things first, you can’t just start writing down all your skills and achievements without planning how to properly organize it. Remember that your interview is the employer’s first impression of you and having an organized resume shows from the start that you’re reliable and committed to the beauty industry. Plus, employers are likely going to get multiple resumes and only have a limited time to read them all. The last thing you want is for them to not read your entire resume because they’re frustrated by a lack of organization.

woman making notes with a laptop

So how do you stay organized and professional for your resume? Formatting is a huge part! By using an effective format strategy, you can quickly show off important skills and qualifications you have that can help you stand out from other applicants. Some formatting techniques you should keep in mind are:

  • Use a readable font.
  • Have the font size at 11 or 12.
  • Set margins to no less than 0.5 inch.
  • Try to keep it to one page by staying concise.
  • Use past and present tense correctly.

What to Include in Your Resume

As we said, you don’t want employers to quit reading your resume halfway through. Make it easy for them by only including what’s most important for them to know about you like your education and any other experiences you may have working in the beauty industry. But just to be safe, you should make sure to keep the most important information at the top so they’re sure to read it. Wondering what you should put in your resume? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!

Basic Information

This one comes as no surprise but including your name, email address, and phone number are all a crucial part of your resume. Many employers will reach out to you after the interview to follow up so make sure to give them a number and email address that you check every day. Don’t forget to also include a professional photo of you in your resume!


You can’t provide beauty services to clients without a license. For an interview in the beauty world, employers will want to see that you already have the qualifications necessary to safely help clients with their beauty needs.

Any Experience in the Beauty Industry

This is where you would include your past jobs in beauty. If this is your first resume you’re building after just becoming a licensed beauty professional, you won’t have as much to say here as you will later in your career. Don’t panic, we all have to start somewhere! Instead of using this space to write about past jobs, fill it with extracurricular activities you completed at beauty school. Or you can even include reviews you’ve received during school on platforms like Yelp and Google to help showcase your talents!

Goals and Dreams for Your Career

Don’t be afraid to write more about yourself and what you most want for your career. This section allows employers to get to know you as a person better which can help them determine whether you’re a good fit for the job. This information may even help you stick in the employer’s mind more if you hadn’t included it!

hairstylist helping bride with hair

Other Resume Tips

There are a lot of things to consider when writing your resume. That’s why we’ve included some quick tips that can make a huge difference in your interview:

  • Proofread, proofread, proofread!
  • Have family members and friends read your resume to help.
  • Use active language.
  • Save your resume as you’re writing it.
  • Ask an instructor to write you a recommendation you can include. You should make sure to have at least two recommendations in your resume.

We’re Here for You

Does this make you excited for a future in beauty? If you haven’t gone to beauty school, applying for an education to receive your license is the first step for your career! At the Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) San Jose, we have multiple programs available so you can choose to study the area of beauty you’re most passionate about. Contact us to learn how you can get started!

Explore Our Temporarily Available Online Education

As we continue to get daily information about the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty this has caused in our lives. With recommendations to stay inside as much as possible, you may be wondering what you can do now to make sure you come out of quarantine ready to jumpstart a beauty career. At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) San Jose, our number one priority is to help our students learn what they love in a safe environment. That’s why we’re now offering both virtual tours and distance learning! Find out what an online beauty education with us looks like and how you can get started.

How Do I Prepare for a Virtual Tour?

The first thing you can do to get your online beauty experience started is by setting up a virtual tour of our school. With social distancing changing our lives, our team has been hard at work to make sure that you can still tour our campus with the only difference being that you’re doing it from home now.

So what does that mean? You’ll still have time to ask our team all your questions that are specific to your beauty journey. During your tour, you’ll still have the opportunity to see our campus so you can envision where you could be learning techniques when our school opens up again. And for those worried about financial aid, we still got you covered! Part of our virtual tour is dedicated to helping you begin the financial aid process so you can find out which options you might qualify for. We’ll be there when you fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and after to walk you through each option!

Wondering how you can schedule your virtual tour? All you have to do is contact us or fill out a form on our website just like we’ve always done it. Someone from our team will be reaching out to you shortly after to help you get started!

How Do I Learn Beauty Online?

We know that many of you are probably wondering what your online education would look like. Thanks to our amazing educators and staff, we’ve worked to shift our classes into a safe online setting. This means that you’ll be learning all about the same skills and techniques you’d learn normally in our classroom but now you’d be studying them with our teachers at home via Zoom. The best part is that you can still complete both your practical and theoretical lessons now that California has approved online practical work.

woman working on laptop at home

Whether you want to study cosmetology or esthetics at our school, both are still available for you to get started here! Although we wish we could watch our students become beauty professionals in our salon, we’re grateful that we can still give them the opportunity to pursue a career they’re passionate about. And it’s important to remember that this is only temporary. We’re looking forward to when it’s safe to open up our doors again so we can be with our students as they continue their beauty journey!

How Do I Enroll for Online Classes?

Just like before, you can apply for one of our programs by going on to our website and clicking the “Apply Now” button to get started. Even though our students will be temporarily learning from home, there are still some things you’ll need to provide before enrolling in one of our programs. Make sure you have:

  • Official high school transcripts or a GED
  • A form of identification like a driver’s license or birth certificate
  • Financial aid form and requirements
  • Your enrollment documents

Chat With Us Online

We want you to know that we’re committed to making sure your dream of attending beauty school doesn’t have to be put on hold. If you have any more questions about what an online education with us looks like, we’d be happy to talk with you. We hope that you’re all staying safe and healthy!

5 Tips To Create an Amazing Beauty Portfolio on Instagram

Social media has turned into a huge powerhouse for brands and businesses to market their products and/or services. With around 3.2 billion active social media users every day, social media is a necessity to increase awareness, boost your content, and learn more about your potential clients.

Now, social media isn’t just for big brands like Sephora, Mac, and Kylie Cosmetics, but so many small brands use social media to get their name out there, and you can too!

An Instagram beauty portfolio is basically an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing your work! The more you show your work, the more you can get your name out there and the better chances you can have to get clients. 

The biggest mistake beauty school students make is waiting until they are done with school to start creating a name for themselves. Don’t wait to show your hard work and skills but start now with these five steps!

girl looking at an instagram photo on her phone

1. Find and Stay True To Branding

Knowing who you are is key to creating a successful brand and business. The first decision you want to make before starting an Instagram portfolio is establishing your branding

There’s a lot that can go into branding. Here are some key questions to answer for you and your brand so that you can create and stay true to what you want to stand for:

  • What logo and fonts do I want for graphics?
  • What colors do I want to represent my brand?
  • How can I stand out from other people in the industry?
  • What inspires me in life and in what I do?

By answering these simple questions, you can make sure you’re adding value to the beauty industry while being true to yourself!

Your Feed Is Your Visual Portfolio

This is where a lot of the fun happens. Your overall feed is almost like a first impression. If someone goes to your profile, they’re most likely going to look at your feed, decide if they like it, and then follow you. A good reminder is to first engage visually (with your photo) and then you have a better shot at engaging vocally (with your comment). With that being said, this is your time to shine! Who knows, you could get more clients and/or a job out of it.

Have fun posting your content and showcasing your work to the Instagram world. There’s no right or wrong way to get it out there, but here are a couple important tips to help you create an amazing beauty feed:

  • Mix up your feed with photos, videos, tips, quotes, and tutorials
  • Create a theme or feed grid
  • Strive to get high-quality content
  • If you choose to use a filter, use the same one on all your photos

Check out our student Auriyana (IG – @beautybyauriyana) of ours killing it on Instagram. She opted for posting three before and after shots of a client to create a cool theme:

instagram with hair pics instagram with hair pics

With these tips you can feel confident in creating an aesthetically-pleasing feed with some “catchy” captions to draw your audience in and keep them coming back!

girl walking down the street on her phone while drinking a coffee

2. Always Be Active and Connect

Social media has the word “social” in its name for a reason. From the beginning, it’s main goal was to provide a space for people to connect with others! Just like in life, creating and strengthening relationships through social media takes some effort, but with constant care and attention you can create a loyal community of your own!

Here are some ways to stay active and connect with your audience:

  • Respond quickly to questions, comments, and DMs
  • Create conversations that you or your followers are passionate about
  • Take the time to follow others and comment on their posts

3. Utilize All of the Instagram Features

Instagram has come out with some amazing tools for brands to push their creativity even further than simple photos. Some of these Instagram tools are:

  • Stories
  • Gifs
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Boomerangs
  • Pinned highlights
  • IGTV
  • Filters
  • Location tagging
  • Hashtags
  • Live video
  • Ads

There are so many reasons why using these tools are great for you and your brand. The biggest reason is to help you push your creativity in order to get your audience more engaged. Take advantage of them and use them! 

Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes boomerang, a quiz challenging your follower’s knowledge on beauty tools, or a poll on which beauty trend they like more, there is always something you can do to get to know your audience and for them to get to know you. Take advantage of these tools and use them!


4. Use The Right #Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get your portfolio out there to the Instagram world. Nowadays, people flood their posts with a mix of useful and useless hashtags thinking the more they use the more they will be seen. This is actually a bad practice that Instagram is trying to eliminate. With their ever-changing algorithm, Instagram is getting smarter and smarter with the bad marketing tactics of social media users.

When you use too many hashtags, especially ones that aren’t relevant, it can hurt you. It’s important to strategize and do your hashtag research to find the ones best for you and your brand! Replace the 30 hashtags practice with around 10 to 15 relevant hashtags, so if someone was searching that hashtag your content will be relevant to them.

instagram analytics pulled up on a phone

5. Stay Consistent

The key is to find an Instagram posting pattern that works for you. Everyone’s posting pattern will be different but a great tool to use is Instagram analytics. This can only be done if your profile is set to a business account. Without this type of account, you won’t be able to see some amazing insights for your page.

Staying consistent with posting on Instagram is key to having your post show up on a user’s feed and keeping your brand on top of their mind. It’s not necessarily how many posts you get out there but that you’re staying consistent with how much you post. If it’s once a week, keep posting once a week. If it’s every day, then keep posting every day. A sudden drop off of posting may decrease your followers and engagement, so come up with a consistent posting schedule and stick with it!

Have You Started Pursuing Your Beauty Dreams?

Now that you have some tools to make a mark in the social media world, it’s the perfect time to make plans for your future! An education in beauty could be an awesome first step. Check out The Salon Professional Academy San Jose for more information on our cosmetology and esthetics program. Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask any other questions, schedule a tour, and see if we would be a good fit!

What Is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology, simply put, is an art form. It’s a way people can express their creativity in a variety of ways such as nail art, hairstyles and color, or makeup. Cosmetology is a profession where the knowledge of proper hair care, nail care, and skin care can help a client feel their best and give a great boost in their confidence.

While cosmetology can be a great creative outlet, it can be incredibly rewarding too. Here at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) San Jose, we have our cosmetology program dedicated to helping our students take the next step in their careers.

What Do Cosmetologists Learn?

Despite popular belief, cosmetology is more than creating a beautiful hair color or giving someone a new stylish hair cut. Here are a few things someone in the study of cosmetology may need to know.


One area of study needed for cosmetology is anatomy. Beauty is not just surface level, it involves every aspect of the body. Knowing anatomy can be very helpful in giving the best care to clients.

Cosmetologist may need to learn:

  • Hair growth and patterns
  • Nail growth and patterns
  • Muscle and bone structure
  • Pore structure
  • And more!


There are many different chemicals that cosmetology involves. Not only are they used, but some are mixed with one another in order to get the proper chemical reactions. Bleach is often mixed with developer in order to lift the color in hair to a lighter stage.

Chemicals that may be used are:

  • Alcohols
  • Formaldehyde
  • Talc
  • Ammonium Sulphates

Business and Marketing

An aspect you may not have thought about with cosmetology is the business and marketing sense that many can know. If you’re looking to become a licensed cosmetologist, you may need to have an understanding of marketing in order to help build your clientele as well as get your name out there.

Besides cosmetologists being responsible for finding their own clients, they are responsible for keeping them as well. If you decide you want to be a cosmetologist, it can be wise to keep up with current marketing and business trends to help your business continue to grow. Not only can you make your business grow with this knowledge, the job prospects for cosmetologists are expected to grow by 8%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


While knowing the biology and chemical makeup of things can be important, creativity may be the biggest factor in cosmetology. Because cosmetologists understand how the components work, they are able to use them in a way that can bring out incredible transformations.

cosmetologist applying hair color

Striking blue hair or warm chocolate brown, bold and intense makeup or a soft natural look, a cosmetologist can create just about anything they set their mind to.

What Do Cosmetologists Do?

By now, it may be clear a cosmetologist is someone who studies cosmetology but you may be wondering, what are the areas they can specialize in?


Arguably the most popular aspect of cosmetology, hair can lead to the biggest transformation. Coloring and styling and cutting are all large parts of cosmetology. While it is important for a cosmetologist to understand how to cut hair, it can be important to understand the individual’s hair structure. No two clients are the same.

There is thick hair, thin hair, coarse hair, curly hair, straight hair, and many more varieties. Cosmetologists may need to understand each hair type in order to deliver the best results.


Skin care is important to helping the face look it’s very best. Either through facials or treatments, cosmetologists may learn the ins and outs of skin care in order to achieve a healthy glow. Understanding the structure of the skin, muscles, and bones can greatly help in this area.

Had a stressful day or maybe you completed a long hard day of physical work? Cosmetologists can help your skin get a nice pick me up and even clear out the day’s grim.


Did you know there is more than one type of nail? Nails come in all types of shapes and sizes just like people. Understanding the structure of a client’s nails can be a specialized forte for a cosmetologist. Not only are fun colors exciting, but proper nail care can go a long way. Healthy nails can be less prone to cracking, breaking, or peeling.

Color theory can play a part in amping up a cosmetologist’s creativity. Colorful designs or a simple sleek one color coating can really make someone feel that extra bit of pizazz in their day!


Whether you are getting ready for prom or a wedding, a cosmetologist can help you get the look to make people turn their heads. Understanding the bone structure of a client can be important to understanding where and how to place the makeup.

makeup artist applying makeup

Looking for a bold eye or a soft glam look? A cosmetologist can bring your visions to life. Whether or not you want to hide or highlight your facial features, a cosmetologist can know just the right technique to give you that natural glow.

While you can learn makeup in cosmetology, esthetics may be a better choice for you if you have a passion just for makeup and skin care. Learn more about what an esthetician is.

How To Become a Cosmetologist

Now that you understand what kinds of things cosmetology can contain, you may be wondering how to become one. There are only a few steps involved, but these steps can take time and dedication to complete.

The steps include:

    • Finding the right program for you
    • Graduate from an accredited school like TSPA San Jose
    • Sit for the practical exam
    • Apply for a license

These are just a few things you may need to follow to become a cosmetologist.

How To Get Started

Do you think going to cosmetology school is for you? Contact us here at The Salon Professional Academy San Jose and we can help answer any questions you may have. Check out our programs to see which one may be the best fit for you!

How to Become a Cosmetologist in California

With the job outlook for cosmetologists expected to grow, now could be a great time to learn how you can start your future career in the beauty industry! We know that although starting a career you love is exciting, it may seem overwhelming to figure out what you should do to make this dream a reality. That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step list of everything you need to do to become a cosmetologist in California.

  • Attend a beauty school licensed by the state of California
  • Complete the required training hours
  • Pass the California state licensure exam
  • Find an area of cosmetology you love

Attend a Beauty School

You can’t begin a career as a cosmetologist without first learning how to provide a variety of beauty techniques to clients. Attending an accredited beauty school is an exciting stage in your journey where you can start forming connections with instructors and other students. While getting support from a team of licensed professionals, you would be learning the latest beauty trends and techniques that could help you succeed in today’s beauty world!

stylist applying hair color

Hair coloring techniques, basic skin and nail care, and even business strategies are all exciting lessons you could learn during your cosmetology education. Not sure what to look for in a program when deciding where to apply? Here are some things to think about when touring schools to pick the one that’s right for you!

Program Hours

According to the state of California, students must complete at least 1600 hours of training in an accredited program to start their journey of becoming a licensed cosmetologist. The last thing you want to do is realize that you’re not qualified to take the next step after graduation. That’s why our cosmetology program teaches students a variety of techniques through the required 1600 hours.

Financial Aid

Chances are that if you’re thinking about applying for beauty school, you’re also wondering how much it’s going to cost. Financial aid is on a lot of students’ minds, which is why we offer multiple options to students who qualify. Contact us or schedule a tour at our school to ask our team more about what you could qualify for.

Flexible Scheduling

Everyone has commitments outside of school they have to think about. It’s important to consider if the school has a program option that fits with your specific schedule. If you’re worried about fitting your passion into your life, check out our cosmetology program options. We have part-time and night classes to help personalize your education!

Complete the Required Hours

Now comes the fun part of your cosmetology journey! This is the time to learn all the trends and techniques you’re passionate about. Students who enroll in our program will be able to study through a combination of classroom time and providing services to actual clients under the direct supervision of licensed professionals. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your beauty school family, which is why we’re committed to creating a supportive atmosphere where you feel encouraged to explore your artistic talents!

Pass the California Licensure Exam

Once you’ve graduated from a cosmetology program, you’re now ready to sit for the cosmetology state licensing exam. This exam will include both a practical and theoretical portion to make sure that you’re qualified to help clients with all their beauty needs. After passing both sections, you’re now qualified to apply for your cosmetology license. Congratulations, this is an amazing accomplishment and can open up so much for your career!

Explore Your Career Options

Ready to have all your hard work pay off? After passing the exam and applying for your license, it’s time to discover your unique cosmetology career. With so many different options to explore, it’s all up to you to decide how you want your future in beauty to look like! Here are just some career choices you can have as a licensed cosmetologist:

  • Makeup artist
  • Hair stylist/colorist
  • Nail technician
  • Salon owner
  • Platform artist

Start Your Cosmetology Journey Today!

Now that you know everything you need to do to become a cosmetologist, you’re ready to take the first step and apply for our cosmetology program! Contact us if you have any questions about how to get started and someone on our team will be happy to help you through every step of the process. We look forward to hearing from you!