CAN I STILL START CLASSES? Your Most Common Questions Answered Here …THE NEW NORMAL ✨✨✨


What is Normal nowadays, right? What is normal is:

  • We are all stuck at home
  • Working from home (unless you are considered essential)
  • Taking care of kids from home
  • Teaching your children from home
  • Groceries are now an event where you have to wait in line
  • Toilet paper is a hot commodity
  • And Sanitizer is the new perfume
  • Face Masks are a necessity
  • Keeping social distance from friends and family is a part of life

However now is a great time to reflect on YOUR FUTURE! What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? And if you are thinking about a career in the Beauty Industry getting the proper information is the next steps! There is so much time to reflect and that doest mean Your DREAMS stop!

At The Salon Professional Academy located at Westgate Mall we wanted to SHARE some information and answer some Questions that have come up during this New World Order!

TSPA San Jose Tour

Question: Can I tour the school?

Answer: Yes, however it is a Virtual Tour.

Question: What is a Virtual Tour?

Answer: A Virtual Tour is a tour conducted via video chat through Zoom where everyone is on camera. The Admissions Advisor & Financial Aid Advisor will guide you through a Power Point that answers all of your questions about curriculum, coursework, program schedules, Temporary Distance Learning, returning on campus classes, apparel code, books and kit and much, financial aid, payments options and much more.

TSPA San Jose Tour

Question: How long does the Virtual Tour take?

Answer: A Virtual Tour Takes About an hour and half. The reason it is this time frame is because you also have the opportunity to find out information about the financial aid process.



TSPA San Jose Tour

Question: Can I still fill out a FAFSA?

Answer: The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. During your Virtual Tour you will be guided how to start the FAFSA process. There is no commitment or pressure to enroll at this time. It is just to get you started with an estimate what your “Out of Pocket Cost” might be.


TSPA San Jose TourQuestion:
What is “Out of Pocket Cost”?

Answer: Depending if you qualify for Financial Aid, you can have loans or grants. Grants do not have to be paid back. Loans are paid back 6 months after you graduate over a 10 year period. If you prefer to choose cash options per month there are several available to fit your budget that is also discussed during the financial aid portion of your Virtual Tour.

Loans&Grants you can get “Up To”: (Grants do not have to be paid back)

Cosmetology Loans    $17,667.00 (Independent), $10, 556.00 (Dependent)

Cosmetology Grants   $6,195.00

Esthetics                       $6,333.00 (Independent), $3,667.00 (Dependent)

Esthetics Grants          $4,130.00

TSPA San Jose Tour

Question: Can I still enroll in school?

Answer: Yes you can. Based on the admissions requirements specified in our Catalog, you still need to have the following:

Verified high school diploma, official transcripts or GED, 17 years or older, Verified Enrollment documents & requirements, Verified Financial Aid requirements, Identification via drivers license, passport or birth certificate


TSPA San Jose Tour

Question: How does Temporary Distance Learning work?

Answer: While there is Shelter in Place you will be learning online via Zoom. You will need an iPad/tablet, lap top or desk top as well as wifi. You have theory classes as well as practical work, which has just recently been approved in California. Once the Shelter in Place is removed, your classes will be on campus. At this time we are awaiting the official date of reopening.


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Now so we may assist in any way we can! Until then Stay Safe! And let us not forget there is a Bright Future waiting for you!

You can also reach us by calling 408-703-8757 or email




Ms.Magz, Director at The Salon Professional Academy