BECAUSE BARBERING…The Salon Professional Academy Welcomes Barbering Program, Coming Fall 2016
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Barbering has become such a huge phenomenon in the hair industry. The extensive hype that this hair art form is getting on social media is just amazing. The barbershop has been known for a place where men come in once a week to get a fade, talk sports and chill with the boys. Yet the amazing artistry and culture of the “Barber” has spread like wild fire and people in the hair industry and Cosmetology/Beauty Schools are taking notice.

The Salon Professional Academy is the first leading edge Cosmetology/Beauty school in the Silicon Valley to offer Barbering.

Ms. V, Director of Education says, “This is such an exciting industry, and our students are on trend telling us what they want next. So it was only fitting Barbering would be the next step. I’ll never forget in our first year we had a student named Louis, and he had the most amazing Barbering skills, he would have a line in the back of the school for clients. I knew then Barbering was going to be big. Now Louis works at Aveda Atelier and is heading up to their newest Barbering salon, so even salons are taking notice of this trend in the hair industry. We are just so excited to get to launch this new and exciting program at TSPA!”

Barbering is a 1500 hour program and if you already have your Cosmetology license you can do a Cross Over Program for 200 hours. Both programs launch in the Fall 2016 and enrollments are filling up. For more information text or call 408-784-4463.