Instagram Reels Tips for Beauty Pros

Ready to grow your following, increase engagement, and have fun doing it? Make Instagram Reels a part of your content strategy! On the @creators account, Instagram described Reels as a “place to watch short, fun videos, and helps your Reels get discovered by new audiences on a bigger, global stage.”

Instagram loves to reward accounts who use its features, especially newer features. In some cases, Reels has been shown to perform better in the algorithm than IGTV. So how can you take advantage of Reels to grow your account? Keep reading for some of our best tips!

What Are Instagram Reels?

First things first, what are Instagram Reels? Similar to TikTok, IG Reels are short, entertaining videos that are meant to be casual and fun. Reels can be 15-30 seconds long, can have audio, and can be shared directly or through remixing. Reels have been shown to have a longer shelf life than feed posts, sometimes being promoted in the explore feed for weeks or even a month after being originally posted.

influencer's Instagram feed

Reels that do well tend to be funny, educational, entertaining, or relatable. This means they can be very sharable content, which is great to help your account grow! Users can share your reels through their stories, save them, or send them to their friends via direct message. Making content your users relate to and want to share is a great way to get your account noticed!

How can you create shareable content? Here are some of our best tips!

Tip 1: Add Audio

Adding audio to your Reels is an easy way to make them more dynamic and relatable. Try and use music you think your target audience will like. Is your audience trendy and young? Maybe popular music or top hits will resonate with them. Or is your audience more eclectic? Indie may be the way to go. If users land on your Reels and hear a song they love, this is an easy way to grab their attention and start attracting your tribe!

influencer painting nails

Not all accounts may have access to audio in the Reels editor on Instagram. If this is you, don’t worry! You can work around this by editing your Reels in a different app, like InShot or iMovie. Once you are done editing your video, save it to your phone. You can then directly upload your finished video to Reels!

Tip 2: Use Text

Not everyone always has their audio turned on when they are scrolling through Instagram, though, and that’s why we also recommend using text in your Reels. Text makes sure that users can engage with your content even without sound. Making your Reels as accessible as possible is always good practice.

Get creative with how you use text! Remember, Reels are all about having fun. One trend we see over and over is pointing to text bubbles, like in the Reel below. Make sure to use consistent branding by sticking to the same fonts and colors!

influencer with text on post

Tip 3: Create Cover Photos

Creating cover photos is another great way to make your Reels as easily accessible as possible. If someone is viewing your Reels on your Instagram feed, cover photos can show them what your Reels are about before clicking on them. This makes it easier for users to find the content they would find helpful or valuable.

Making the user experience as easy as possible shows your customers that you create content with them in mind! It can help your feed be a place where users want to come back and see more. You can create your cover photos in a photo editing app of your choice beforehand and upload it directly to your Reels when you go to post!

Tip 4: Make Use of Content Buckets

Are you ready to hear the good news? Not all of your content has to be specific to beauty. We know it can get tiring trying to continually come up with new ideas and new content to post! Making use of content buckets that relate to your field is a great way to come up with new content faster.

For example, you may have a few categories your content revolves around:

  • Skincare
  • About You
  • Motivational
  • Product Features

influencer using content buckets
Even though this Reel is about self love, it can still fit well into your overall beauty content strategy! You could also include wellness tips, facts about you, or even your favorite local shops to eat at. It all just depends on your audience and what would be interesting to them!

Tip 5: Watch Reels To Get Ideas

Still at a loss for inspiration? Watch Reels to get some ideas of what is performing well for others or what content is trending! Our tip is to watch both Reels that are within and outside of your industry. The idea is not to copy other users’ content, but to get ideas. Sometimes it can be easier to create original content by watching what is trending outside your industry and thinking of ways to make it work in the beauty niche.

Wondering what trends we are seeing in beauty? Keep reading to see just a few trends we have noticed in our feeds.


Tutorials and how-tos are almost always popular content pieces. In this day and age, it’s all about providing information quickly, at the tap of a button, and how-tos are a great way to do this. You can showcase easy hairstyles for your followers to replicate, how to properly wash your face, or a tutorial for fun nail art!

instagram reel tutorial

Satisfying Videos

Satisfying videos are one reason ASMR has surged in popularity. This trend is all about creating content your users just can’t look away from. It may be super shiny hair, extensions that create a sense of awe, or brushing through tight curls to create loose waves. Peeling off a face mask, showcasing a dip manicure, or pulling foils out of hair can also be great satisfying videos!
hair flip instagram reel

Educational Tips and Tricks

Dos and don’ts or other educational tips and tricks also tend to perform well. Your followers want you to be an authority in your field, so be sure to teach them what you know! This kind of content is extremely helpful to your users, and if they find that your tips work, it also builds trust. If you want the kind of clients who sit down in your chair and say, “Do whatever you think is best,” start building your status as an authority by putting out educational content!
instagram reel for makeup tips

Pursue Your Beauty Career

Are you thinking of turning your passion for beauty into a career? Get started with The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), San Jose! We have programs in cosmetology and esthetics, and offer financial aid to those who qualify. Contact us online to learn more about our school or schedule your tour today. Your dream career could be just around the corner!

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7 Spring Hairstyles to Try in 2021

Spring is almost here and we are so ready for it! We know last year had its ups and downs, but a fresh start is just around the corner. Since spring is all about new beginnings, now could be the perfect time to reinvent yourself. So go ahead, recommit to your goals, make some new ones, and try something new!

Need a little inspiration? Here’s 7 of our favorite trending hairstyles to try this spring!

Soft Waves

woman with long curly brown hair

Will these Hollywood glam curls ever go out of style? We don’t think so. If you want a soft, romantic, or luxurious look, these big waves are for you. Curl your hair with your favorite barrel size (we like one inch or one and a half inch), allow your curls to cool, then brush through with a wide tooth comb.

This gorgeous look was done by our student @hair.era. We love it!

Natural Curls

woman with naturally curly hair

Speaking of curls, natural could be the way to go! If you have natural curls that you’ve been straightening, braiding, or fighting, there’s an easier way. A little oil or moose can help shape your curls, fight frizz, and give you a beautiful air-dried style. If your curls still look a little undone, that’s okay! Texture is in, so embrace the tousled look.

Still need some help caring for your natural curls? We’ve got you covered! Check out our blog on caring for your curly hair. This cut was done by our student @snippedbysydney. We love how much life and bounce it gave her client’s curls!

Curtain Bangs

mannequin with curtain bang style

These curtain bangs by our student @alxcncp are right on trend! This 70s look is coming back, and bangs are an easy way to completely transform your look. Plus, the longer length means you have the freedom to tuck them behind your ears if you want to! Who doesn’t love that kind of versatility? If you’re ready to get some bangs, give this curtain style a try.

Effortless Blonde

woman with blonde ribbons through hair

We love an icy blonde as much as the next, but if quarantine taught us anything, it’s that roots are real! This color by our student @hairbyrosie124 is the perfect effortless blonde. Keeping your blonde a natural shade with brightness towards the ends and a natural root will help your color grow out beautifully. If you are dreaming of a low-maintenance blonde this year, babylights and a root smudge could be the way to go!


woman with a brown balayage

The balayage trend is here to stay, and with good reason. Hand-painting mimics the look of naturally-sunkissed hair, which makes this a very wearable style. Balayage is also a great low-maintenance look. Keeping your natural color at the roots means you will have no line of demarcation as your hair grows out. Adding in a little brightness this spring doesn’t have to be hard! If you’re looking for an easy to maintain color, balayage could be perfect for you.

How gorgeous does this color by our student @t00beauty look? We give it high marks across the board!

Pixie Cut

client with a pixie cut

Winter is coming to an end, so don’t be afraid to go for a big chop! Get your hair off your neck and feel the California sun on your skin. We love this pixie cut by our student @hairme_mahlani. The shaved sides give this look the perfect edge. You can also keep the sides a little longer to create a softer effect. Let your own personal style inform your cut, and if you need any recommendations on what could look best for you, stop by our student salon! We are always happy to offer pointers and tips!


mannequin with bright blue hair

Need a little color in your life? Vivid hair colors are great for those who want to make a statement or have some fun with their look! If you aren’t ready to commit to an all over blue or purple, you can always try a peekaboo. This look was done by our alumni @hairbymadisonbowen when she was a student at our school. We think it looks great!

Reinvent Your Future With an Education in Beauty

Want to reinvent more than just your hairstyle? Get started toward a career you can love with an education in beauty. The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), San Jose offers programs in both cosmetology and esthetics. If you’re looking for a rewarding career that allows you to use your creativity, beauty could be perfect for you! Contact us to learn more and see if our school could be your perfect fit. We have scholarships and financial aid available to those who qualify. We can’t wait to meet you!