Trendy Holiday Looks for 2019

Bold eyes, lots of color, and a bit of sparkle were makeup favorites on the runway at fashion week this year and can serve as great inspiration for creating special holiday party looks. Pair the perfect makeup with one of our favorite hair trends and you can wow fellow party goers this holiday season. Here are our favorite hair and makeup trends for 2019!

White graphic eyeliner

You can find eyeliner in almost any color but a trend we’re loving right now is white eyeliner! White eyeliner can help brighten up your eyes and is a fresh twist on everyday makeup. Grab a good quality, creamy eye pencil and and line your eyes top and bottom for a pop of white. Or, try a more graphic look by starting with a bright, colored eyeshadow, then drawing graphic shapes or lines over top.

Glittery eyes

Glitter is a holiday favorite every year and can be a fun way to add a little sparkle to your look. Start by creating a smokey eye with a black eye pencil and grey toned shadows, then finish with a sweep of glitter under the eyes. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, add some larger glitter pieces to your eyelids for a more dramatic, jeweled look. Pair with a neutral face so that the focus is the eyes!

Woman with pink glittery eye

Matte red lips

Are you a woman that lives for a red lip? What better time to show this look off than the holidays. From a deep wine colored lip to a dark, almost black maroon, you can certainly make a statement with this look. Try pairing with understated makeup elsewhere, or with a winged cat eye using black eyeliner.

Glowing skin

For a fresh, radiant look, consider an all over glow. There are a couple of ways to achieve this. Start with adding a little bit of illuminator to your foundation and apply to clean, dry skin. Next, you apply highlighter to the high points of your face (cheekbones, bridge of your nose). To match the rest of your skin, try one of the body highlighters on the market.

Woman with shimmery skin

Big Hair

Don’t be afraid to tease! Big hair reminiscent of the 60s and 70s was a popular trend on the runway. There are so many options to try when playing with big hair. You can wear it down, curly, straight, or try an updo with a bouffant. Whichever direction you go, volume is key. Tips for getting an awesome big look are start with a volumizing shampoo, grab a great teasing brush with gentle bristles to reduce damage, and of course a great, long hold, hairspray. Some women opt for extensions if they have finer hair.


Braids are so versatile and easy to do so they make a great option to dress up your look. You can go for a classic braided updo using one big braid, or try several smaller braids for a totally different look. There are so many possibilities from schoolgirl braids for a fun, yet sophisticated look, boho braids to complement a more natural makeup look, or go for more glamour to match a formal look with ribbon or pearl adorned braids.

Two women with braided hair

Buns and Chignons

Messy buns are in so feel free to get messy with your look if you love that casual look. Try a half bun, double bun or chignon, the messier the better. If styled to perfection is more what you’re looking for, you can try a slicked back, low chignon for a polished hairstyle that can dress up your holiday look.

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