Why Choose TSPA San Jose?

When you’re thinking about attending beauty school, there is a lot to consider. What is the scheduling like? What programs do they offer? What kind of support is provided? The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), San Jose can offer you a thorough beauty education within one of the largest networks of beauty schools and salons in The United States and Canada. Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose us!

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on having a great culture that focuses on supporting students and encouraging artistic inspiration. Beauty is a creative industry. Our staff believes that to succeed, you need to look the part. That’s why we strive to be a resource for what is trending in the beauty industry. All of our students are passionate about their art, whether it’s makeup artistry or coloring hair. Through weekly mentoring sessions, we can help you turn your passion into a future.

A Professionally Driven Education

At TSPA San Jose, our programs are centered on high-quality products by top brands. Our Redken-infused cosmetology program can prepare students with the technical and practical skills necessary for a future in the beauty industry. We know that passing the state board exam is important, but being prepared with real-life experience is even more important. We offer training in innovative cutting, styling, and coloring techniques, the chance to learn in a fully equipped student salon training area, and the crucial business and marketing skills needed to grow your personal brand. Our programs use technology for education and guest relations, so you can learn what it means to be a modern beauty professional.

Passionate Educators

The educators at TSPA San Jose have a passion for education and helping students achieve their goals. These dedicated beauty professionals can help you learn at your own pace while also challenging you to be your best. This is a place where you can make mistakes and grow from them. TSPA educators don’t just teach, they mentor. We want you to reach your full potential as a stylist. Coaching can you teach you how to meet your goals and learn the skills you need to reach top performance.

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The SPEC Support Network

We are proud to be part of the Salon Professional Education Company (SPEC) Network! As part of this system, we receive a huge amount of training and support that other schools may not. This includes operations manuals and trainings, a thorough online and technology strategy, proven marketing programs, ongoing training, and exclusive collaboration and support from global beauty leader, L’Oréal Professionnel, in all TSPA schools. The SPEC network understands that students need training in personal development and business strategies along with technical knowledge and soft skills in beauty. If you choose to attend TSPA San Jose, you can be a part of this supportive network throughout your education!

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Extra Training Opportunities

TSPA San Jose now offers an exciting Make-up Designory (MUD) course! This is a fresh, new brand focused on color and modern techniques. In this course, students can learn the makeup application skills that are vital in today’s beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries. The course teaches techniques for base and contouring, eye makeup, highlighting, eyebrows, lips, cheeks, and special occasion makeup. Getting a verification certificate from this program can be a great way to add to your beauty skillset!

Exam Prep

Sitting for the state board is an inevitable part of cosmetology school. We want you, and every other student, to be prepared for it. By offering a mock exam, we can help you feel ready for the actual state board. It’s our goal to help each student pass the exam and receive their license, so we take exam preparation seriously at TSPA San Jose.

Business/Sales Skills

For a successful future in beauty, you need business and sales skills. Our owners have over 30 years of combined business and sales experience to offer you. We know what it takes to make it in the modern beauty industry. TSPA San Jose offers workshops on sales, social media, and resume building. We also give you the chance to hone your skills in our student salon training area, where you can work with real salon products and practice techniques on guests.

Flexible Scheduling

Got a busy schedule? No problem! We offer full-time and part-time cosmetology programs, with classes available during the day and at night. Whether you’re working another job or have a family to take care of, we want all students to get a chance to attend our classes in a way that is convenient for them.

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Financial Aid

We believe that financial concerns should not stand in the way of following your passion for beauty. TSPA San Jose offers financial aid and scholarships to those who qualify. You can learn more about this on our financial aid page.

Support After Graduation

TSPA San Jose is a family. That means we stick together even after your graduation. Our alumni group is a great place to share ideas, receive career advice, ask questions, and find opportunities for networking. You can also get 50% off services as a TSPA San Jose graduate!

Graduation cap on top of money.

TSPA San Jose Graduation and State Board Rates

  • 77% of TSPA San Jose students who enroll graduate. That’s 27% above the standard.
  • 89% of TSPA San Jose students find jobs after graduation. That’s 29% above the standard.
  • 97% of TSPA San Jose students pass their state board test. That’s 27% above the standard.

Get in Touch With TSPA San Jose

Now that you’ve learned about why TSPA San Jose could be a great option for beauty school, contact us to learn more! You can call or email us if you have any questions or want to schedule a tour. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Images shown are not of TSPA San Jose. Although environments depicted are similar to those at TSPA San Jose they are not direct representations.

Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit www.tspasanjose.com

All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals

What is Master Esthetics?

Esthetics or master esthetics? Are they the same? What will an education in master esthetics give you that an education in regular esthetics won’t? As an aspiring skin care professional, how do you choose between the two?

All good questions! Here at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), San Jose we offer a master and regular esthetics programs! While we can explain the difference between the two courses, we suggest contacting us to find out more info about the programs and talk to one of our admissions coordinators to find out which program is your best fit!

First, Let’s Talk Esthetics

So you’re interested in a career in skin care. Welcome to the world of esthetics! This area of the beauty industry is focused on the beautification of the skin in a variety of ways. From facials to peels to makeup artistry, estheticians help their guests glow on the outside as brightly as they do on the inside!

Now Let’s Talk About Becoming an Esthetician

During our regular esthetics program, students can learn to purify and beautify skin. Facials, waxing, and makeup artistry are some of the treatments you can learn. In addition, you can learn skills that you might not have known you need like safety, sanitation, and identifying skin conditions. On top of it all, at TSPA San Jose, we also teach business and marketing skills, both things future skin care experts will need to build a career.

Here, we focus our curriculum on makeup artistry and medical esthetics. We know the demand of the market and are eager to teach students a curriculum that matches the industry growth patterns.


The esthetics program we offer requires 600 hours to complete. If you enroll in our full time program, you could complete the program in as little as 4.5 months. If you choose to enroll in our part-time program, you can complete the program in as little as 9.5 months. Both schedules offer their pros and cons! Whether you’re a parent, a full-time worker, or someone who has a few too many commitments on their hands, we are confident one of our schedules could fit an education into your life!

If you’d like to learn more about our schedules, contact us today!

Potential Places of Work

Esthetics are commonly found working in relaxing and rejuvenating places like:

  • Spas
  • Salons
  • Cruise Ships
  • Resorts
  • As Freelancers
  • As Makeup Artists

Let’s Talk Master Esthetics

Our master esthetics program is designed to prepare students to massage and treat the face, neck, and body using advance chemical and cosmetic preparations and esthetic medical treatments.

With an education in master esthetics, you can be well-versed in advance protocols and medical treatments that can prepare you for a career in a medical esthetics career. In addition to what esthetic students learn, you can learn the following in our master esthetics program:

  • Advanced treatments
  • Advanced PCA training
  • Hydra facials
  • Advanced makeup
  • Advanced clinical treatments
  • Medical spa operations
  • Extensive product knowledge
  • Airbrush spray tanning
  • Lash extensions

The master esthetics program goes deeper into right into medical terminology, advanced mechanical exfoliation treatments, cellulite treatments, advanced spa treatments, importance of pre-conditioning, and chemical peels.


At this time the master esthetics program is offered in a full-time schedule only. Contact us to learn more about enrolling in this program.

Potential Places of Work

With an education in master esthetics, the career opportunities open up even further.

  • Salons
  • Spas
  • Cruise Ships
  • Resorts
  • Freelancing
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Dermatologists’ Offices
  • Med Spas
  • Plastic Surgeons’ Offices
  • And many more!

How Do You Choose?

Interested in skin care but unsure of how to choose a program? Here are a few things to consider:

  • How much time do you want to spend in school? Master esthetics is a bit longer in terms of a time commitment.
  • Are you interested in the medical side of esthetics? Master esthetics offer a deeper education in that realm.
  • Do you want to start with esthetics and then come back for more? Many people fall in love with esthetics, get educated, and then pursue a career in skin care as the put themselves through a master esthetics education.

You don’t have to weigh your options alone! One of our friendly and helpful admissions coordinators is more than happy to help you find the program that fits your life and goals! Contact us today or schedule a tour to learn more about both of our programs!

For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit www.tspasanjose.com