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Halloween is a glorious season full of haunting makeup, intricate costumes, and of course – the best candy! But even with all of that amazing stuff, not everyone loves this holiday.

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Halloween Mood? Pumpkin Prophet Quiz

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Looking for a Change? We Can Help You Take the Leap.

Life is an adventure

You have heard this a million times before, we are sure, but that’s probably because it’s true! Our lives surely take us on some amazing adventures and while some of them can be amazing – others can take us away from some of our dreams.

Just because our path may have been a bit different than expected – that does not mean that those dreams are out of reach!

If you have ever dreamed of career in beauty, it’s not too late to make your dream a reality!

Career change to beauty

Making a Change

There are many reasons that people aren’t able to pursue their dreams, whether it be peer pressure, fear of failure, or barriers in your personal life. No matter what the reason was that held you back, everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), San Jose, is ready to help you break down the walls that have restrained you and cheer you on as you seek that dream.

Are you ready to sit down and discover the possibilities? Schedule a tour today! We would love to be your partner in this beautiful dream.

Battling the Naysayers

  • You’ll Never Make Enough– This is a common misconception of the beauty industry, but it is one that couldn’t be further than the truth. Many cosmetologists find themselves not only easily supporting themselves and their families, but even owning their own salons! While the amount you earn can vary greatly depending on if you are going into cosmetology or esthetics, or even where you chose to work, there is a possibility for anything in this creative field.
  • It’s Not a Real Career– Any cosmetologist has lost track of the amount of times they have heard this. Just because people are saying it, doesn’t make it true.In fact, an education in beauty includes more than just a good trim and face mask. It includes classes in client and business management, something that comes in handy as many beauty professionals open up their own salons or spas.Not only does an education in beauty create opportunities for a passion-filled future, it could lead to business ownership and financial independence, something not often found in other career opportunities.
  • I Just Don’t Have Time– It is true that there are factors in life that can make it difficult to pursue your dreams. Maybe you work weird hours to try to make ends meet, maybe you are a single mom with a limited schedule. Whatever it is, you can still change your future and pursue your dreams.With several schedule options, including part time opportunities, the cosmetology and esthetics programs at The Salon Professional Academy, San Jose can help you in the pursuit that may seem impossible.

Career change to beauty

Get the Facts

Before you make any large change in your life, it’s important that you understand as much as you can about the future you are about to pursue.

We suggest that you come in and sit down with our Enrollment Specialists to get all of your questions answer, so make sure to schedule your meeting as soon as possible. While you are waiting, here are five quick facts about pursuing a beauty career.

  • Make Your Own Hours– In an industry with as many opportunities as this one, it should come as no surprise that your job really does become what you make it. With possibilities such as owning your own business available, that flexibility is everywhere.
  • It’s a Career that Travels– You could work in a spa on a cruise ship, or find yourself working in hollywood. If you are looking for a change, this could be the ticket that you are looking for.
  • Upward Climb– Jobs can be hard to come by, and although the employment growth rate is steadily increasing, nowhere is that more apparent than in beauty where the growth rate is 20% above the national average.
  • Ever Changing– Just like the trends and styles change, so does the skills needed in this industry. If you love to learn and absorb new skills this will give you the opportunity to do just that.

It is never too late to change your career and pursue a dream


No matter how long these dreams have been coursing through your bloodstream it’s time to stop ignoring them, and start making that creative passion your life. At TSPA San Jose we welcome you to pursue what fuels you. Let’s change your dreams to a reality – together.

Contact us today and discover the beautiful future that awaits you.

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