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The Salon Professional Academy, the leading edge beauty school, in San Jose is on top of fall trends. Nude is IN!

Unlike the warm tones of honey blondes or the pearl-like tint in cooler colors, neutral blondes blend several blonde shades for an all over “nude” look. “There’s an even amount of both warm and cool tones, which cancel each other out to create a neutral color,” says Meri Kate O’Connor, senior colorist and educator at Eva Scrivo Salons in New York City.

You don’t hear much about neutral shades, but they’re far more popular than you may think — just take a look at most people who haven’t dyed their strands. “People are typically born with neutral-colored hair,” explains O’Connor. “It’s rare that you see people with bright golden blonde or golden brown hair that’s natural. It happens, but most of the time it’s a color without much tonal temperature.”

So, why is this color totally on-trend this season? It looks great with all complexions. “Neutral colors are trendy because they’re so easy to wear,” says O’Connor. Plus, nude hair colors can be easily altered — you can go from neutral to gold to ash and have the same level of lightness, yet a totally different look. If you’re searching for a style switch-up, give this one a go.

The Salon Professional Academy has beautiful fall nude colors from Redken and Pravana color lines. Learn the newest techniques of hair coloring from the beauty school that focuses on advanced training to prepare YOU for a real world salon environment, located at Westgate Mall.

Why Choose TSPA San Jose?

From the chic, innovative design to the curriculum; you will never be left to question why TSPA San Jose is the school to choose.

The personal, hands-on training includes smaller class-sizes that enable more interaction and one-on-one time with educators. Rather than calling them educators, TSPA San Jose likes to call them mentors and coaches. Something that the mentors and coaches take on as a responsibility is to continually empower their students to be positive.

Despite the extensive curriculum, this school loves to have fun! The owners joked about how they try to keep the school fun and spunky by having a dance crew. “Our culture is to be fun and engaging; it’s not just about beauty.”

The owners spoke proudly about how they run the student salon training area as if it were high end, busy salon. “We track their KPIs, we track their retail and referrals for the ‘real salon experience’.” Said the owners.

Their goal is to create a well paved path for the future careers of their students. They maintain relationships with more than 6,000 Redken Club 5th Avenue salons across all 50 states to assure that their students have a strong network to rely on after graduation.

With the high energy campus, it’s easy to see the fun environment that is provided for their students, “Students see how alive the campus is and they become excited to become a part of it.” Said the owners, as they spoke on the topic of prospective students.

TSPA San Jose understands that life isn’t always easy and sometimes people have a full plate. Therefore, they offer full time and part time schedules to accommodate those who have families or work full time. “They’re working and giving so much, all for no pay; so we focus a lot on motivation and empowerment.” Said the owners.

TSPA San Jose aims to provide excellence in all aspects. The owners expressed that they want to know that you are learning how to interact with people not just how to cut hair. The goal is to maximize your artistic potential through a program that teaches not only the latest techniques, but also proven business and marketing strategies.

If you are a hater of promising futures, well-educated mentors, hands-on training and all things fun then TSPA San Jose is not the school for you. However, if you find yourself thinking, “Wow, this sounds like the perfect school for me!” Then contact our admissions team today and take the first step to starting your career in beauty. (408)784-4463